The bachelor's degree in "Psychology" is a six-semester course. It comprises the following areas: research methods, biological psychology, differential psychology and personality psychology, diagnostics, developmental psychology, social psychology, general psychology, industrial psychology and ergonomics, clinical psychology, neuroscientific psychology, as well as a freely selectable minor.

The main learning objectives include dealing with the literature and topics of the subject, acquiring subject-specific methodological skills and the ability to communicate and present scientific results. The degree is a professional qualification.


The bachelor's degree is divided into a first section (orientation phase) in the first two semesters and a second section in semesters 3 to 6. In the orientation phase, the general basic knowledge is to be acquired, which enables you to start the second section.

Basic knowledge is acquired in the subjects Physiological Foundations of Behavior, General Psychology (Perception, Learning, Memory, Thinking, Motivation and Emotion), Biological Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Personality Psychology, Social Psychology and Quantitative Methods.

The core of the second part of the course is an experimental internship, events on psychological diagnostics and events on the three main focuses of the "Bachelor of Science" course at the Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf:

- Industrial Psychology and Ergonomics,
- Clinical Psychology and
- Neuroscientific Psychology.
An integral part of the "Bachelor of Science" course is a ten-week external internship. Several or longer internships are of course possible.
The last component of the “Bachelor of Science” course is a thesis, which is usually experimental.


Good knowledge of natural science subjects and mathematics are a good prerequisite for successfully studying psychology. A good knowledge of English is also helpful, as the specialist literature is predominantly in English.


The obligatory combination of the three main areas ensures a broad, high-quality and, in this combination, outstanding training. One of the special features of the Bachelor's degree in Psychology in Düsseldorf is that a two-semester internship is offered in each of these specializations, in which the knowledge acquired can be deepened in small groups in a practical manner. The strict focus of the course content on these important psychological subjects as well as in-depth training in quantitative methods and psychological diagnostics qualifies students for activities in health care institutions as well as in industrial and commercial enterprises and thus in the most important fields of work for psychologists .

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