Bachelor course "Mathematics and Application Areas" (6 semesters)
Mathematics has been one of the major scientific disciplines for thousands of years. The knowledge that it has gained and the structures that it investigates are of an abstract intellectual nature, but nevertheless represent an essential aid for describing and understanding the real world. Its importance for the natural and engineering sciences is fundamental and growing constantly. In recent times it has also become a key science for computer science, economics, finance and medicine. Accordingly, the career prospects of mathematics graduates are excellent and the areas of application are diverse.
The Mathematical Institute is part of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and thus has direct links to all natural science subjects. There are also connections to the Faculties of Medicine and Economics. You can choose to focus on a field of mathematics or an application subject, such as computer science, physics or economics.

Bachelor's degree in mathematics / computer scienceStudents at Heinrich Heine University can study computer science and mathematics at the same time and thus acquire two full bachelor degrees within seven semesters.

Objectives of the mathematics courses (Bachelor and Master
Today, mathematics has become a key science in the fields of computer science, economics, finance and medicine. That is why we have set up a bachelor's degree in "Mathematics and Application Areas" and a master's degree in "Mathematics" in Düsseldorf, where you can choose between a field of mathematics or an application area. Mathematic courses can be selected to match. When choosing a focus in the field of application, the students also achieve a bachelor's or master's level in a sub-area of ??this subject.
The Mathematical Institute is part of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and thus has direct links to all natural science subjects. There are also connections to the Faculties of Medicine and Economics.
The course is designed in such a way that the basic education in mathematics takes place in the first three semesters, regardless of any possible focus areas. The decision to focus on mathematics or in an application area therefore only has to be made after the third semester. A change to or from the bachelor's degree in computer science and physics is possible with almost no loss of time.

Major fields of study
It is currently
possible to focus on the following areas of mathematics :

  • Algebra and Number Theory
  • Analysis
  • Topology and geometry
  • Numerics
  • optimization
  • Statistics and probability theory

In principle, any subject represented at Heinrich Heine University can be chosen as an application subject in which a sufficient number of courses are offered in which mathematical methods are used. Particularly suitable are:

  • Computer science
  • physics
  • Economics


Structure of the bachelor's degree program
It is a modularized degree program in which each module is examined closely related to the selected courses. In this way, rapid study in the standard period of 6 semesters is encouraged.

The modules of the Bachelor's degree are
Modules (with credit points / CP)

Compulsory area (89 CP in total)

  • Analysis I - III (27 CP)
  • Function Theory (9 CP)
  • Linear Algebra I, II (18 CP)
  • Algebra (9 CP)
  • Stochastics (9 CP)
  • Numerics I (9 CP)
  • Computational Mathematics (8 CP)

Application subject (at least 27 CP)

Elective area (at least 32 CP)

Seminar area (10 CP)

  • Proseminar or internship (5 CP)
  • Bachelor thesis seminar (5 CP)

Key qualifications area (at least 20 CP)

  • Tutorials (6 CP)
  • Other key qualifications (at least 4 CP)


The general or relevant subject-specific higher education entrance qualification is a prerequisite for admission to the Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Areas of Application.    


All degrees allow you a successful start in various professional fields in areas such as financial services, telecommunications, life sciences, mechanical engineering, logistics, management consulting, training and further education and many others. Due to the wide range of fields of activity of mathematicians, the career prospects have always been very good. The (subsequently possible) master’s degree also gives you access to doctoral studies and thus to an academic career. 

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