The subject of Yiddish Culture, Language and Literature is designed as a supplementary subject in a multiple degree course. Students take consecutive language courses in modern Standard Yiddish, an overview course on the history of the Yiddish language, culture and literature with in-depth seminars in the first two years of study. In the third year they take a module in which the fundamentals of research in modern Yiddish culture and literature are deepened.

A good knowledge of modern standard Yiddish, which is acquired in the first three semesters, enables the use of sources in other forms of Yiddish in the last three semesters.

In addition to active and passive language skills in modern standard Yiddish, the supplementary subject Yiddish culture, language and literature provides background and overview knowledge of Yiddish culture and literature as well as basic scientific knowledge of Yiddish linguistics, literature and cultural studies.
The subject combines philological, cultural, linguistic and literary approaches and methods.


(1) The course content of the supplementary subject Yiddish Culture, Language and Literature is divided into modules (basic and advanced modules), which include events related to one another in terms of content. A module consists of courses, usually 6 SWS. Modules should always be studied as a whole.

(2) The courses in the 1st and 2nd year of study serve to acquire the necessary active and passive knowledge of modern standard Yiddish and the introduction to Yiddish studies including the acquisition of the basics of Yiddish work. The final year (3rd year of study) serves as an in-depth and exemplary study of Yiddish cultural history of modern times.

(3) The basic modules 1-3 and the advanced module are compulsory modules. The fourth basic module, the contents of which must be in a meaningful combination with the subject of Yiddish studies, should be selected from the courses offered in other subjects in consultation with the student advisory service for the subject of Yiddish studies.

Basic modules - compulsory
1. Yiddish language and culture A (1st year of study, 6 SWS, 10 CP)
2. Introduction to Yiddish Studies (1st / 2nd year, 6 SWS, 12 CP)
3. Yiddish language and culture B (2nd Academic year, 6 SWS, 10 CP)

Basic module - compulsory elective area
4. (Module from another subject) (1st / 2nd year of study, at least 10 CP)

Advanced module - compulsory
advanced module Yiddish studies (3rd year of study, 6 SWS, 12 CP)


General University Entrance Qualification; sufficient knowledge of the English language. There is no special admission procedure.

Sufficient knowledge of English is required. Adequate knowledge of English is proven at the beginning of the course through at least four years of schooling at a secondary school or through equivalent training in institutions of further education or through passed exams as part of language or reading courses at a university.


The students learn to work independently on Yiddish texts as well as to reflect on popular representations and stagings of Yiddish culture against their social background and to deal with the social functions and tasks of their subject.

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