The BA Transculturality is a cross-sectional course in which 11 humanities subjects participate, which illuminate and examine various aspects of transculturality under their subject-specific concepts and methods. At the Heinrich Heine University, the course does not focus on an additive bundling of a few subjects under an 'umbrella term', but rather, through the interdisciplinary approach, clarifies transcultural content and intercultural aspects of the subjects involved through the targeted investigation with the interdisciplinary approaches of transcultural work .

The subject of the interdisciplinary course is the cultural achievements of human society as they are expressed through language, texts and other media, among other things. In addition to the core areas of transcultural theories and methods, students can expect a wide range of options with which they can follow individual inclinations and interests and include a one-semester mobility window for studying abroad or internships. The course can either be broad or focus on individual subjects - for example in media and communication studies, art history, philology or history.


The course is divided into compulsory, compulsory elective and elective areas.

1st year of study

With three compulsory modules, the first year of study introduces the phenomena and theories of transculturality as well as the methodological foundations of scientific work and a systematic organization of knowledge. The elective area includes further professional methodologies from media and cultural studies, sociology and philosophy (logic and argumentation) as well as two language modules from the range of seven languages. In the electives, modules from 11 subjects of the faculty can be taken. The introductory phase enables orientation and research into one's own skills and inclinations for the purpose of further studies.

2nd year of study

The specialization phase in the second year is characterized by the large elective area and the pursuit of personal inclinations and interests. The compulsory section is the "Forum on Transculturality", in which the students transfer the theoretical and methodological knowledge they have acquired to a subject of their choice from one of the specialist disciplines involved and give a lecture on the forum. 

3rd year of study

In the final phase of their studies, students are asked to complete a study abroad course or an internship of up to 6 months in the 5th semester. The credit points acquired and / or practical work can be recognized up to a semester value (30 CP). In the last semester, in addition to the writing of the BA thesis, the final forum is on the agenda, where the topic of the work is presented and discussed with a small self-made film. If necessary, the last modules / specialist events can be selected in order to achieve the required total CP number of 180. 


You should have a keen interest in your own as well as foreign cultures and languages ??as well as a fundamental interest in human society and its development. Curiosity and motivation for new and foreign things, for complex issues and developments paired with a willingness to read extensively and a certain understanding of numbers (for the empirical data collection process) form a good prerequisite for the course. Formally, the general or relevant subject-specific university entrance qualification is a prerequisite for studying the BA in Transculturality.


The course offers a broad, interdisciplinary education, which, in addition to scientific specialist competencies for today's professional world, provides interdisciplinary qualifications and central key competencies. They include communication and cooperation skills, multilingualism, the ability to work in a team, systematic knowledge organization and research skills, empirical methodological skills and problem-solving strategies. These skills open up a wide range of jobs, including in the communications department of international companies, in management consulting, in human resources, in cultural management, marketing (increasingly online marketing) or in the classic media, adult education or personal advice.

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