The Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Sciences - Media, Politics, Society at Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf is a restricted admission course.

This six-semester integrative course is offered by the Philosophical Faculty of the HHU. In the 2011 CHE university ranking, the "Sociology / Social Science" (s) study area at the HHU was placed in the top group twice.

Brief profile of the course

  • Integrated study of social sciences (sociology, political, communication and media studies)
  • Application-related method training
  • Integrated three-month internship
  • Possibility of a semester abroad
  • Practical interfaces

The Bachelor's degree in Social Sciences is a six-semester degree program that is carried out jointly by the subjects of Sociology, Political Science, and Communication and Media Studies. Subjects of the course are social structures and their change, political systems and political fields as well as the central role of modern communication media in today's society. Another focus is on survey and analysis methods. In addition, key qualifications and practical professional skills are imparted during the course of study; a three-month internship is compulsory. An internship and an internationalization office are located at the institute, which provide support in the planning and organization of internships and semesters abroad. The course leads to a first professional qualification and prepares for a social science master’s course in Germany and abroad. In 2003, the BA in Social Sciences was recognized by the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft as the best reform course in social sciences.


1st year of study (base year, semester 1-2)

In the first year of study, introductory lectures and exercises are attended as part of the basic modules, in which the basics of the three subjects are taught. In the methods module, initial methodological knowledge is acquired in the lecture on survey procedures. The acquisition of key qualifications takes place in exercises as part of the preparatory module.

2nd academic year (core year, semesters 3-4)

In the second year of study there is the possibility of choosing courses in the three subjects with different content focuses from a wide range of different thematic modules. In the methods module, a lecture on analytical methods (statistics) is attended. The practical module prepares for the mandatory three-month internship during the lecture-free period.

3rd academic year (final year, semester 4-6)

In the third academic year, courses for advanced students are taken in the thematic modules. An empirical teaching research project is carried out in the methods module. The course ends with a bachelor thesis. The interdisciplinary compulsory elective area enables a view beyond the social sciences horizons during the entire course.

 stay abroad

A stay abroad is not compulsory, but is strongly recommended. The curriculum is structured in such a way that a stay abroad is possible in the fourth or fifth semester. The Internationalization Office of the Institute for Social Sciences supports you in planning and organizing stays abroad. There are exchange programs with over 30 European universities. They enable a supervised and fee-free semester abroad. In addition, the social science internationalization office supports self-organized stays abroad.

Scientific qualification

The BA Social Sciences creates the basis for further academic qualifications, but also opens up the option of direct entry into a career. Opportunities for further academic qualification: The Institute for Social Sciences offers the master's degree courses in Social Sciences - Social Structures and Democratic Governance and Political Communication. In addition, social science master’s courses can be connected to other German and international locations.


The general or relevant subject-specific higher education entrance qualification is a prerequisite for admission to the Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences.


Graduates of the BA Social Sciences work in the following professional fields, among others:

  • journalism
  • Public Relations / Public Relations
  • advertising
  • Market & opinion research
  • consultation
  • Parties & Associations
  • Organizational & personnel development

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