The interdisciplinary bachelor's degree is divided into two areas, which go hand in hand with steadily increasing specialization and advancing scientific standards.

In the first two years of study, students are familiarized with the basic terms and methods from the three areas of philosophy, political science and economics. Individual emphases can be set on political science or economics.

In the third year of study, the focus is on interdisciplinarity. The three subjects philosophy, political science and economics are brought together and deepened and tested in practice as part of an internship. Finally, the bachelor thesis provides evidence of the skills acquired on the content and methodological level.

The Bachelor's degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics should be completed in six semesters.


The BA course in Philosophy, Politics and Economics is divided into two phases:

In the first two years of study, students learn the basic terms and methods of the three subjects involved, philosophy, political science and economics. In-depth knowledge from the field of philosophy is acquired in practical and theoretical philosophy, logic, political philosophy and economic philosophy. In the field of political science , students should have knowledge of political systems and the field of economicsthe basics of economics and economic policy. Depending on the focus, method modules are also studied. These include survey and analysis methods (political science) or statistics I, statistics II and econometrics (economics).

In the third year of study, the acquired knowledge and methods are brought together and deepened. This takes place in the context of interdisciplinary events (such as international relations and European integration, people and communication or organizations and structures ). The practical testing of the skills learned takes place as part of the internship and the bachelor's forum. Finally, the bachelor thesis provides evidence of the skills acquired on the content and methodological level.

Important: It is advisable to complete the internship towards the end of your studies (e.g. fourth and fifth semester).


The entry requirement for the Bachelor's degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics is general or relevant subject-specific higher education entrance qualification. A high degree of abstraction and good performance in mathematics, German and English are desirable. The start of the Bachelor’s course (BA) is always in the winter semester.


The aim of the course is to train graduates who are able to make responsible decisions at the interface between business and politics and to advise decision-makers competently. The analytical skills acquired during the course in dealing with a wide variety of problems qualify the graduates in particular for management tasks in politics and business, public administration, associations, clubs and foundations, NGOs and think tanks, marketing and journalism.

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