GMAT 2021 Exam - Dates, Registration, Test Format, Eligibility & Fees

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The one thing that differentiates GMAT from systematize exams of India is the fact that it has no set exam date. You get an option to choose from many available dates, and you get to decide when to appear for the GMAT exam. As the exam is regulated throughout the year, you can appear for the exam at your convenience.

Booking Slot for GMAT

You get to decide when to start preparing for the GMAT so that you have enough time for preparing for the exam. It is recommended that you register for the GMAT exam 2 months before the date on which you wish to appear for the exam.

Time and Location

While decinding on an exam date, you can select the time of either the morning slot or the afternoon one. This can differ in the next attempt. The availability of GMAT dates depends upon the local test centers, thus, it is recommended to start checking the dates much in advance. 

GMAT 2021 Important Dates FAQs

Q. How often GMAT tests are conducted?

A. GMAT tests are conducted on different days in different cities. In some cities, it takes place on weekends and in some cities both on weekdays and weekends. Students should find the slot available to register for the GMAT and then book it as per your requirement.

Q. What is the best time to give the GMAT test?

A. Although, there is no perfect time to appear for the GMAT, nevertheless, one should have the GMAT score results with him/her at the time of filing the application. Students, can appear for the GMAT exam before 12 to 18 months of starting their application process.

Q. Can I prepare for the GMAT test in 10 days?

A. Ten days is too short a time to prepare for the GMAT test. You need to develop assistant and verbal skills along with analytical skills to score a decent GMAT marks and one needs to prepare for at least 3-4 months to master these skills.

Q. How many times a GMAT exam is conducted in a year?

A. The GMAT exam is operate  almost every day. However, the date of the exam can be different in different cities.

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