The bachelor's degree in Italian Studies aims to provide students with a contemporary Italian competence with basic language training in a transdisciplinary context. According to the transdisciplinary orientation of the course, the students take a core subject (Italian Philology) and three supplementary areas (economics and / or law + history and / or art history and / or theater studies). A third training area, “General Vocational Preparation” (ABV) prepares students for everyday work and trains them in job-related skills. The subject of the supplementary areas is an introduction to the methodological basics of the respective subjects as well as their application to contemporary topics with reference to Italy or Europe. The subject of the general vocational preparation study area is the preparation of students for professional practice. Through the cooperation of the core area with the supplementary areas through an obligatory study visit to Italy and an internship in Italian-speaking countries, Italy becomes an object of knowledge that is subject to transdisciplinary research and is experienced in its everyday reality.

Program Structure

The bachelor's degree in Italian Studies is divided into three phases. Study phase I (1st - 4th semester) is completed at the Free University of Berlin, study phase II (5th - 6th semester) is completed at an Italian partner university that cooperates with Freie Universität Berlin as part of the ERASMUS program (Università degli Studi Roma Tre, Università di Bologna Alma Mater Studiorum, Università degli Studi di Milano). The students enroll at the respective partner university in the second or third year of a related subject, which supplements and continues the studies begun at Freie Universität Berlin. The students spend study phase III (7th semester) at the Free University of Berlin.

At the end of the course, the exemplary deepening and differentiation of a selected field of study takes place through the independent scientific development of a self-selected problem (Bachelor thesis).

The general vocational preparation study area (ABV) includes an internship and the following areas of competence: foreign languages, information and media competence, gender & diversity competence, organizational and management competence, personal and socio-communicative competence and subject-related additional qualifications in which additional practical professional knowledge and skills are imparted will. The objectives, content and structure of the general vocational preparation study area are regulated in separate ABV study and examination regulations.

The course regulations regulate the structure and process of the course. It contains detailed descriptions of the content and qualification goals of each individual module and an exemplary course plan. The examination regulations define the type and requirements of the module examinations. In the regulations, the credit points (CP) for each module or event as well as the workload in hours for the entire course are specified.

If there is little or no previous language knowledge, the regular course is preceded by a two-semester preparatory language course. If you apply with little or no previous language knowledge, you will be enrolled directly in the pre-study language course. This is carried out by the Language Center of the Free University.

Italian studies, mono-Bachelor

Study phase I in the core area (1st-4th semester)

Advanced module I Language practice
Advanced module II Language practice
Advanced module III Language practice
Advanced module I Language practice
Basic module Ia Linguistics
Basic module IIa Linguistics
Basic module Ia Literary studies
Basic module IIa Literary studies

Study phase I in the supplementary areas

Two supplementary areas are to be selected from subject group I and one from subject group II or 
one from subject group I and two from subject group II

Subject group I

Supplementary area of ??law
module Public law
module Private law
Supplementary area of ??economics
module Introduction to Economics
module Basics of Macroeconomics

Subject group II

Supplementary area history
module History - Basic Module I
module History - Basic Module II
Supplementary area of ??art history
module Art history - basic module I
module Art History - Basic Module II
Additional area theater studies
module Theater studies - basic module theory and contemporary theater
module Theater studies - basic module theater history

Study phase II study abroad (5th and 6th semester)

Modules Linguistics
Modules Literary studies
Modules Continuation of the three chosen supplementary areas from subject groups I and II

Study phase III in the core area (7th semester)

Advanced module II Language practice
Optional advanced module

Literary text analysis or

Expansion of linguistic sub-areas or

Literary text analysis and expansion of linguistic sub-areas

Entry Requirements

If you have little or no prior knowledge of the language, the regular course is preceded by a two-semester preparatory language course. If you apply with little or no previous language knowledge, you will be enrolled directly in the pre-study language course.

If you have previous knowledge up to level B1 GER, this can be proven by appropriate evidence.

Otherwise, you can take the placement test in July at the FU's language center to prove your language level.

Career Prospects

Bachelor graduates have scientific knowledge and practical skills that qualify them for a job or a postgraduate course. 

Fields of activity exist in industry, trade, media, publishing, in the cultural sector, in international authorities, in research institutions and in the foreign service in the European and especially in the German-Italian framework.

The acquisition of additional qualifications, as they are already imparted in the General Vocational Preparation (ABV) study area, as well as early orientation with regard to broader employment opportunities and the personal application strategy are of great importance for a successful career start.

A master’s degree and possibly a doctorate are prerequisites for employment in research and teaching.

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