Pharmacy is an interdisciplinary science that deals with the nature, effect, development, testing, production and delivery of active ingredients and drugs. Pharmacy combines aspects from various natural sciences, especially chemistry, biology and physics, with medical topics.

The students learn to work on complex and current interdisciplinary problems in pharmaceutical drug research using scientific methods. The course imparts the necessary specialist knowledge, skills and methods that enable scientific work, the application and critical classification of scientific findings and responsible action.


The structure and process of the course are regulated by the course regulations. It contains detailed descriptions of the content and qualification goals of each individual module and an exemplary course plan. The examination regulations define the type and requirements of the examination performances of the modules and the master’s examination. In the regulations, the credit points (CP) for each module or event as well as the workload in hours for the entire course are specified.

The master's thesis should show that the students are able to independently work on and present a research task using scientific methods. After successfully completing the study program, the university degree Master of Science (M.Sc.) is awarded.


o be admitted to the master’s degree, applicants must demonstrate the following requirements:

  • A German or equivalent foreign degree in pharmacy, food chemistry, medical chemistry, human biology, medicine, veterinary medicine or a related scientific subject with a standard period of study of at least eight semesters or a scope of 240 credit points (CP).
  • Proof of language proficiency in English (level B2 GER) or an equivalent level of knowledge.

The course is restricted in admission.


Graduates have in-depth scientific knowledge and advanced professional skills, which most graduates further develop in a doctorate.

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