The master’s degree in German as a Foreign Language: Cultural Mediation teaches students methodical, analytical and conceptual skills based on current research results in the teaching of language and literature as well as in the description and communication of cultural phenomena. It imparts foreign language didactic knowledge about the teachability and learnability of subject-specific content that was acquired in the first professional degree and deepened in the master’s course German as a Foreign Language: Cultural Mediation. The students acquire intercultural skills and expand their own foreign language skills.



The master’s degree in German as a Foreign Language: Cultural Mediation is divided into modules from various fields of study.

* In the "Extension of Language Competence" study area, German language skills should be achieved at level C1.2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ??(GER). Alternatively, students who already have the German language skills at the level can acquire language skills at level A2 (GER), which are related to the target country for the study abroad.

A compulsory component of the course is a stay abroad, during which the modules "In-depth technical knowledge" and "Practice German as a foreign language" are to be completed. The semester abroad is carried out at a department for German language and culture at selected partner universities of the Free University of Berlin in European or non-European countries, where you can sit in, teach yourself and take part in courses.

The structure and course of the course are regulated by the course regulations. It contains detailed descriptions of the content and qualification goals of each individual module and an exemplary course plan. The examination regulations define the type and requirements of the examination performances of the modules and the master’s examination. In the regulations, the credit points (CP) for each module or event as well as the workload in hours for the entire course are specified.

The master's thesis should show that the students are able to independently work on and present a research task using scientific methods. After successfully completing the study program, the university degree Master of Arts (MA) is awarded.

Modules of the course

10 CP in the study area "Extension of Language Skills" *

Subject modules

module Applied Linguistics
module Fields of work and research in German as a foreign and second language
module Didactics and methodology of German as a foreign language
module Cultural studies / cultural mediation
module Literature and media
module Practice German as a foreign language
module Consolidation of specialist knowledge



Graduates  have in-depth scientific knowledge and advanced professional skills.

The aim of the master’s degree in German as a Foreign Language: Cultural Mediation is to  prepare students for a career in higher education in the field of German as a foreign language.

Possible working environments include universities in Germany and abroad; Language schools; Textbook publishers and media editors; Cultural institutes (e.g. Goethe institutes); Associations, foundations and organizations that are committed to cultural exchange; Companies in Germany and abroad (e.g. German as a foreign language teacher, as a regional advisor, as a trainer in the field of intercultural communication).




In order to be admitted to the master’s program, applicants must demonstrate the following requirements:

• a bachelor's degree with at least 20 CP in the field of linguistics and at least 20 CP in the field of German literature.

The course is restricted in admission.

Proof of German language skills must be provided for applicants who have completed their degree at a foreign university or equivalent institution . This can be done by passing the German language test for university entrance (DSH) or by providing evidence of an equivalent level of knowledge according to the regulations for the German language test for university entrance of foreign applicants at the Free University of Berlin

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