The research-oriented master’s degree in Dutch studies in an international context deepens and expands the specialist knowledge acquired in a (usually philological) bachelor’s degree with a Dutch focus in the field of Dutch linguistics and literature. Linguistic as well as literary questions and problems of Dutch studies are consistently placed in a European and international context. The comparative approach is understood as a central heuristic means that enables the adequate analysis and classification of subject-specific questions. The students get methodical and analytical skills in dealing with the Dutch language and Dutch-speaking culture, both from a synchronous and a diachronic perspective,


The structure and course of the course are regulated by the course and examination regulations. It contains detailed descriptions of the content and qualification goals of each individual module and an exemplary course plan, and defines the type and requirements of the examination performance of the modules and the master’s examination. In the regulations, the credit points (CP) for each module or event as well as the workload in hours for the entire course are specified.

A stay abroad, especially at a university in a Dutch-speaking country, is recommended. The third semester of the course is particularly suitable for this.

There is the possibility of developing a literary or linguistic profile within the course. The required credit points can be freely selected in three of the four subject semesters from the modules on offer in the master’s course for the corresponding subject semester (compulsory elective); a compulsory language practice module is only provided for in the second subject semester.

The master's thesis should show that the students are able to independently work on and present a research task using scientific methods. After successfully completing the study program, the university degree Master of Arts (MA) is awarded.

Compulsory modules of the course

Module 5

Language practice

Elective modules of the course

Module 1

Theory and history of Dutch literature and culture

Module 2

Languages ??and culture of the Dutch-speaking area

Module 3

Dutch in a language comparison

Module 4

Processes of intertextuality

Module 6

Language change

Module 7

Processes of culture transfer

Module 8

Contemporary discourses

Module 9

Language and society


To be admitted to the master’s degree, applicants must demonstrate the following requirements:

  • Bachelor's degree or other equivalent university degree with a study component of at least 60 CP, which corresponds to the study of the Bachelor's degree in "Dutch Philology" at the Free University of Berlin.

Applicants whose mother tongue is not German and who have completed their degree at a foreign university or equivalent institution must provide evidence of the language skills required for the course or an equivalent level of knowledge in accordance with the regulations for the German language test for university admission for foreign applicants. submit applicants at the Free University of Berlin.



Graduates have in-depth scientific knowledge and advanced professional skills.

The aim of the training is to prepare for a career in the broad field of international Dutch studies. As a research-oriented master’s degree, the training also lays the foundation for a doctorate and an academic career.

Internationally oriented Dutchists can also work in other areas, such as international publishing, cultural organizations and embassies. Intercultural competence, excellent foreign language skills and an academic level of thought and work are required here - competencies and skills that are acquired in the master’s course. The international orientation of the course creates prospects in a job market in which the demand for multilingual and intercultural skills is increasing. Researchers, journalists and cultural managers no longer concentrate on one area of ??knowledge, but are increasingly encouraged to look at their questions and content from an intercultural and international perspective.

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