The more research-oriented Master’s degree in China Studies seeks its subject with the methods and theories developed in the social sciences, sociology, economics, political science, history, geography, anthropology, law, religious studies as well as in the linguistics and humanities, whose relevance for the language and society of China is checked needs to be captured.

On the one hand, a differentiation according to subject-specific aspects and, on the other hand, an integration of various methodological approaches, including those from women's and gender studies, are sought. The master’s degree is based on a concept of Area Studies, which enables specialization in the Chinese region through the interdisciplinarity required for understanding regions and deepening and expanding knowledge of content, language and methodology; Chinese scientific and cultural traditions in particular should also be taken into account. The main focus of the course is the society of contemporary China and the historical process of its formation as well as the political, social, economic,

The specialty of the master’s course lies in the combination of regional expertise with subject-specific methodology. The course enables students to acquire and deepen historical and systematic knowledge of Chinese society in conjunction with advanced language skills and to master the methodological and content-related instruments that are necessary to adequately analyze and present phenomena of Chinese society and communication to be able to. The course provides a qualification aimed at the region of China, which enables independent research using different methodological approaches from the social sciences and humanities.

The China Studies course generally enables you to use China as an example to recognize social relationships and processes in their historical development, i.e. in their conditionality and changeability, and to analyze them methodically adequately, systematically and critically, as well as the political and social conditions and consequences of one's own actions recognize and analyze scientific theories and methods for their social relevance and their interest in knowledge.




To be admitted to the master’s degree, applicants must demonstrate the following requirements:

  • Bachelor's degree in China Studies at Freie Universität Berlin or an equivalent other university degree that corresponds to the content and structure of the Bachelor’s degree in China Studies at Freie Universität - with a China-related study component amounting to 60 CP, of which at least 30 CP are in the Chinese language or a China-related study component in 30 CP and language skills to the extent of 600 teaching hours,
  • Proof of language proficiency in English (level B2 GER).

The course is restricted in admission.

Proof of German language skills must be provided for applicants who have completed their degree at a foreign university or equivalent institution . This can be done by passing the German language test for university entrance (DSH) or by providing evidence of an equivalent level of knowledge according to the regulations for the German language test for university entrance of foreign applicants at the Free University of Berlin.



The master’s course consists of an introductory course, a profile course area to be selected and an extension area.

The structure and course of the course are regulated by the course regulations. It contains detailed descriptions of the content and qualification goals of each individual module and an exemplary course plan. The examination regulations define the type and requirements of the examination performances of the modules and the master’s examination. In the regulations, the credit points (CP) for each module or event as well as the workload in hours for the entire course are specified.

The extension area gives students the opportunity to expand their specialist spectrum. The modules come from another humanities or social science subject, are interdisciplinary or are completed as part of an internship.

The master's thesis should show that the students are able to independently work on and present a research task using scientific methods. After successfully completing the study program, the university degree Master of Arts (MA) is awarded.

Modules of the course

Introductory phase

module Advanced Chinese I
module Advanced Chinese II
module Advanced Chinese III
Basic module Theories and Discourses of Social Science Studies in China
Basic module Theories and Discourses of Cultural Studies in China

Profile area

One has to be chosen from the following profile areas:

Profile area "Chinese Cultural Studies"

module Methods and working techniques of Chinese cultural studies
module Cultural Studies in China IA
module Chinese Studies in Cultural Studies IB
module Chinese Studies in Cultural Studies II

Profile area "Chinese Social Science Studies"

module Methods and working techniques of Chinese social science studies
module Chinese Social Science Studies IA
module Chinese Social Science Studies IB
module Chinese Social Science Studies II

Extension area: interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary work or professional practice

Modules are selected and completed that come from a cultural, historical, humanities, legal, economic or social science subject, are interdisciplinary and have methodological or content-related reference to Sinology.

Alternatively, an internship with study-related content can be completed (including in research departments of companies, media institutions, government institutions, international organizations, think tanks, NGOs and foundations).



Graduates have in-depth scientific knowledge and advanced professional skills.

The master’s degree in China studies provides skills and knowledge that prepare students for responsible positions in academic and non-university research and teaching, media, museum, documentation and cultural institutions as well as in secondary schools and institutions of further education, but also for positions in international companies and Institutions whose activities are located in the Chinese cultural area or are closely related to it.

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