Catalan is one of the Romance languages ??and has around 11 million speakers. It has official status in Catalonia, the Balearic Islands and the autonomous region of València. In addition, it is the only official language of Andorra and is spoken in the French department Pyrénées-Orientales and in the city of Alghero in Sardinia. 
The 30 CP module offer includes the study areas Language Practice and Catalan Studies.
The study area language practice comprises the development of the basic skills of understanding, speaking and writing on the basis of the application-related levels of the GER, the development of strategies for language mediation and the development of strategies for language acquisition and use as well as independent and cooperative learning.
The subject of the Catalan Studies program is the linguistic, social and cultural realities of the Catalan-speaking area (e.g. language, literature, film, music, history, politics, philosophy, gender aspects, everyday and regional cultures, media, social systems).

Program Structure

As a 30 CP module offer, Catalan Language and Culture is combined with a suitable 120 CP core subject or a 90 CP core subject and a further 30 CP module offer.

The study of the modules in Catalan Language and Culture is divided into modules in the study area Language Practice and Catalan Studies.

The course regulations regulate the structure and process of the course. It contains detailed descriptions of the content and qualification goals of each individual module and an exemplary course plan. The examination regulations define the type and requirements of the module examination. In the regulations, the credit points (CP) for each module or event as well as the workload in hours for the entire course are specified.

Catalan language and culture as a 30 CP module offer

Study area language practice

module Catalan basic module I
module Catalan basic module II
module Catalan basic module III

Department of Catalan Studies

module Catalan studies

Career Prospects

Bachelor graduates have scientific knowledge and practical skills that qualify them for a job or a postgraduate course. Since Catalan language and culture is studied as a module as part of a combined bachelor's degree, the chosen core subject shapes the professional qualification.

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