In the state of Berlin, ethics is a compulsory subject in all school types from 7th to 10th grade. Philosophy is offered in grades 11-12 (or 13). The philosophy / ethics course prepares students for teaching in both school subjects. A special course for just one of the two school subjects is not planned in Berlin.
The Philosophy / Ethics course is offered by the Institute for Philosophy (as a core subject and module offer; it must be combined with another subject relevant to teaching and the subject of teaching related vocational studies [LBW]). The course is based on the basic philosophical questions: "What can we know?", "What should we do?" And "What can we hope?" Philosophical thinking is the ability to critically examine the answers that people give to these questions - and to look for appropriate answers to them yourself. This reflective competence is the necessary basis for teaching ethics and philosophy. So that future teachers can meet the special requirements of ethics teaching,



The structure of the degree program and the range of modules largely corresponds to the subject-specific study of philosophy. The competencies to be imparted in the philosophy course are specifically supplemented in the study regulations for future teachers by the acquisition of religious and social science knowledge. These are partly conveyed in separate modules, but mainly within specific courses that are offered in the modules of the philosophy course.



Bachelor graduates have scientific knowledge and practical skills that qualify them for a job or a postgraduate course. Access to teaching at public schools in the State of Berlin is only possible with a relevant master's degree (Master of Education) related to teaching.

Successful completion of the bachelor's degree in philosophy / ethics with the option to become a teacher entitles the holder to take up the master's degree in teaching. It also enables students to take up the specialist master’s degree in philosophy or other, non-consecutive master’s degree programs.

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