The subjects of the 30 CP module offering 'Languages ??of Classical Antiquity - Greek' are the ancient Greek language and selected excerpts from ancient Greek literature. The language competence is acquired from scratch in the grammar phase and further trained in the reading phase on simple to moderately difficult original texts. The focus is on Attic prose; however, other dialects and poetic languages ??are included.

The course is structured in three phases: Phase 1 (in the first year of study) includes the basic language acquisition (beginners without prerequisites) and leads up to the Graecums level. Phase 2 (second year of study) begins at this level of competence, establishes and deepens knowledge of the Attic and introduces further dialects and poetic languages. Phase 3 (third year of study) uses the acquired competence for original reading (prose) and introduces selected focal points of ancient Greek prose. It is in the nature of things that the number of hours and workload are highest in the initial phase and decrease with increasing competence.



As a 30 CP module offer, Languages ??of Classical Antiquity - Greek is combined with a suitable 120 CP core subject or a 90 CP core subject and a further 30 CP module offer.

The structure and course of the course are regulated by the course regulations. It contains detailed descriptions of the content and qualification goals of each individual module and an exemplary course plan. The examination regulations define the type and requirements of the module exams. In the regulations, the credit points (CP) for each module or event as well as the workload in hours for the entire course are specified.

Languages ??of Classical Antiquity - Greek as a 30 CP module offering

Basic phase

module Basics of the ancient Greek language

Build-up phase

module Grammar and translation

Consolidation phase (to choose a module)

module Greek literature A or Greek literature B



Bachelor graduates have scientific knowledge and practical skills that qualify them for a job or a postgraduate course. Since the languages ??of classical antiquity - Greek are studied as a module offer as part of a combined bachelor's degree, the chosen 90 CP core subject usually shapes the professional qualification.



Admission mode 1st semester
No admission restrictions
Admission mode higher semester
No admission restriction (for the winter semester for the 3rd and 5th semester, for the summer semester for the 2nd, 4th, 6th semester)

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