Our Bachelor of Science in Computational Business Analytics is aimed at students who are aiming for a dynamic, technology-oriented career. For a successful career in many industries, it is becoming increasingly important that prospective managers not only have economic knowledge and management skills, but also understand how they can improve their decisions with the help of data and its analysis. In the age of “Big Data”, the decision-making problems for companies are also becoming more and more complex; In order to be able to tackle these problems successfully, it therefore requires all the more experts who are able to communicate with decision-makers as well as with data scientists at a technically high level.

Business analytics deals with the development and application of quantitative approaches to support management decisions. Experts in the field are familiar with various methods of data collection, can analyze data, but also create statistical models and turn the results of data analysis into actionable recommendations for managers. In addition, they must also be familiar with the various areas of management, including controlling, finance, marketing and operations.


In our Bachelor in Computational Business Analytics you will acquire business, mathematical and information technology skills and familiarize yourself with exciting topics such as machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI).


After completing the Bachelor's degree in Computational Business Analytics (BSc), you will be highly qualified to efficiently solve complex problems in companies in a wide variety of industries. Business analytics is becoming increasingly important in practice and many global companies, including banks, consulting firms, and large manufacturing and service companies, are looking for experts who understand the specific requirements of management decisions and can offer relevant (data-driven) solutions to their business transformation problems.

Both the private and public sectors are constantly looking for ways to increase their efficiency and effectiveness. Your skills as a business analyst are so in demand that you may even receive job offers before graduation. Possible positions include work as a data analyst, data visualization engineer, data scientist, consultant or manager. There are countless career opportunities in all areas in which the digital transformation is taking place.


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