Coatings have become indispensable in our daily lives. Almost all important goods and utensils are provided with a coating, which on the one hand protects, but on the other hand also ensures a special visual appearance . A very obvious example is the automobile. In some cases, life-long guarantees against rust perforation could not be given if the automobile were not provided with a sophisticated system of several layers of paint. At the same time, up to 40% of purchase decisions for new cars are made by the visual impression of the body in the dealer's showroom.

All of these aspects are part of the Chemical Engineering / Paint and Lacquer course , which is almost unique in the world and deals specifically with chemistry, production, application and testing of lacquers and lacquer layers. A special focus is on the endeavor to reduce the environmental pollution caused by the production and use of paints.

The aim of this 7-semester Bachelor’s course is the Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) Chemical Engineering / Paint and Lacquer . The graduates of the course represent a trademark in the relevant industry as "paint engineers". The comprehensive combination of chemistry, technology and design is unique and enables the graduate to take interesting professional development paths.


Graduates from this course can expect excellent career prospects. The wide-ranging training makes you a sought-after specialist

  • in the chemical industry (paint raw material manufacturer)
  • at manufacturers of paints or printing inks
  • in the adhesives and sealants industry
  • in application companies (e.g. automotive industry)
  • in the plastics industry
  • in the painting and varnishing trade
  • at vocational schools
  • in the public service, e.g. monument office
  • in the color design studios of the major architectural paints or pigment manufacturers.

They are used here

  • in research and development
  • in application technology
  • in analytics and quality control
  • in project management
  • in technical marketing
  • in the color design studio
  • in teaching and training

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