“It all comes down to the beginning” and “for the youngest we need the best”: These statements from Swedish educational policy are the guiding principles of the “Education and Upbringing in Childhood / Childhood Pedagogy” course at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences. The aim is socio-political, educational and socio-political to increase the quality of education and upbringing in institutions for children from 0 to 10 years.


The course qualifies students for activities with children aged 0-10 and their families. You will acquire the necessary skills to conceptualize, design, evaluate and further develop the education, upbringing and care of children in institutions on a scientific basis.

The course is characterized by its socio-educational   orientation and the overarching diversity-sensitive  perspective. The required diversity skills are acquired in the context of cross-sectional topics. These are based on social inequality categories and aim to further develop the field from an inclusive perspective. 

The course has two main areas of study:

  • Education, upbringing and care for children as well as upbringing and educational partnership with parents
  • Leadership and social management

In this full-time course you acquire 210 credits (workload 750 hours per semester).

The course leads to a Bachelor of Arts (BA) education in childhood / childhood education. With the successful completion of the degree one acquires the authorization to use the professional title "State-recognized Childhood Pedagogue" or "State-recognized Childhood Pedagogue" 


The labor market in the field of childhood education continues to grow steadily, the shortage of skilled workers in day-care centers is great. Due to the two main focuses of the degree program Education and Upbringing of Children as well as Management and Organizational Design, the graduates have a wide range of options for starting a career or developing a career, for example ...

  • Group management, deputy management activity, management of day-care centers
  • Conceptual and leisure-time educational tasks in all-day schools, school social work
  • Parent education and counseling
  • Planning and technical policy tasks
  • Qualification measures in day care
  • expert advice
  • Activities in further education and training

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