The media technology master’s course deepens theoretical and practical specialist knowledge for the development of complex media technologies under interdisciplinary conditions and is intended to enable them to work scientifically and to apply and expand scientific knowledge.
In addition to technical skills, the key qualification is above all the ability to successfully and efficiently work on complex technical tasks in a team under interdisciplinary conditions.


The course extends over three semesters, with a start in both winter and summer semester. In the first two semesters, students take six different elective modules and three compulsory modules; the third semester is reserved for the master's thesis and the colloquium.

The course offers a broad spectrum from the fields of knowledge of media technology, which are based on three main areas :

  • Interactive media applications
  • Audiovisual media technologies and systems
  • Image technology

This enables you to set individual priorities in your studies without restricting the necessary breadth. The modules from these focal points are available for the elective modules, of which at least 3 must be chosen. Further modules from the offer of the technical faculties of the TH Köln can also be chosen.

Students can specialize by taking up to two major subjects. Students who have passed at least three elective modules in a major have successfully completed the major. Students can, however, forego one focus and, for example, take part in two modules from different focus areas.

A special feature of the course is the master’s project . Here you develop a sophisticated technical system in the group, from the project idea and conception through implementation to testing and acceptance of the system. You can bring your knowledge and skills from the various areas of media technology together here in a team and acquire skills in the area of ??project implementation and responsibility.

The compulsory module Applied Mathematics must be taken by all students, as it conveys competencies in the field of mathematics that go beyond those of the Bachelor’s degree and that are required to achieve the study objectives in the field of scientific training.

The two compulsory modules , the master’s main seminar and the master’s project, are offered every semester. It has been shown in the past that this flexible regulation is particularly advantageous for students who have obtained their bachelor's degree at other universities in order to enable them to start their studies well.


Entry requirement is a bachelor's or diploma degree in a relevant scientific or technical course. Any course of study that conveys competencies from the fields of mathematics, physics, electrical engineering and computer science to the extent of at least 110 credit points is relevant.
The first degree should be completed with a total of 210 ECTS credit points with an overall grade of 2.7 or better (further details are regulated in the examination and enrollment regulations). If the prerequisites are not fully met, admission can only be granted on condition that you provide evidence of missing prior knowledge by registering for the master’s thesis. The type and scope of these requirements are individually determined by the examination board on the basis of the course content completed as part of the previous degree.
Even more than in the bachelor's degree, you should have a high level of motivation and commitment in order to independently develop challenging topics in media technologies. This also assumes that you have fun getting to the bottom of complex issues.


These include the radio and telecommunications industry, audio and video technology, entertainment industry, Internet companies, the automotive industry, medical technology, industrial automation, surveillance technology, manufacturers of (special) cameras, multimedia technology, CAD and 3D application development, and research institutes.

For example, you work as a development and planning engineer or in research with the perspective of assuming leadership and project responsibility.

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