The mathematical, scientific and technical basics are taught in the first three semesters. Accordingly, subjects such as mathematics, physics, but also basic engineering modules such as technical mechanics, fluid dynamics, heat transfer, electrical engineering or construction technology are on the schedule.

The bachelor’s main course: TGA skills

After acquiring the mathematical, scientific and technical basics, you will complete a practical phase in a company of your choice and the classic subjects from building technology. You can also choose the modules you want using several optional subjects and thus also specialize in various areas (such as building fire protection, building law, planning in ventilation technology ...). Using the modules “HKSE-projekt” and “Building Performance”, you work in a team to develop holistic solutions with regard to the planning and optimization of TGA systems. The final bachelor thesis serves to specialize in your "favorite area". This topic is freely selectable, and you can work on the work both at our institute and externally (e.g. in a company or at another university).


210 ECTS


Increasing demands by society on the quality of life as well as the growing pollution of the environment by humans require a high level of environmental awareness and sustainable use of resources. In this sense, engineers in energy and building technology are required today to have a distinctive basic knowledge, highly specialized knowledge and broad social skills. The most important areas of activity can also be found in the focus areas of the bachelor's degree:

  • Technical building equipment
    Engineers who specialize in technical building equipment today usually have to work in an interdisciplinary manner with many participants in the construction industry. They deal with the planning, construction and subsequent operation of technical systems that are supposed to fulfill their function in the building according to economic and ecological criteria (single-family houses, administrative buildings, hospitals or industrial complexes). On the other hand, many TGA engineers are often also active in sales or they deal with questions about the use of renewable energies (EEG) or waste disposal.
  • Electrical building
    equipment The tasks of engineers specializing in electrical building equipment include the planning and execution of the following systems:
    Electrical building installations (cables / lines, dimensioning, feed, transformers, building system technology, BUS systems, access control systems, EDP cabling, light / lighting technology , Lightning protection systems, burglar alarm systems and video surveillance, fire alarm systems, combined heat and power plants and combined heat and power, integration of renewable energies (photovoltaics, wind turbines), etc.
  • Green building engineering
    Graduates with a focus on green building engineering are also very versatile. In addition to the companies mentioned above, the area of ??application is in particular the relatively new field of project management and controlling, whose tasks include the certification of buildings. This does not require specialist knowledge, but broad-based competencies that enable the engineer to plan and coordinate all building trades (TGA, EGA, architecture, civil engineering) across the board. The training at TH Köln provides the necessary skills to safely cope with the diverse professional tasks and challenges.

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