The Bachelor's degree in Insurance Management (BA) is an eight-semester extra-occupational degree, which is jointly supported by the Institute for Insurance and the German Insurance Academy (DVA) in Munich and ends with a “Bachelor” degree.

The courses are carried out largely decentrally with the participation of regional liaison offices of the Vocational Training Center of the German Insurance Industry (BWV); the duration of the studies is shortened for insurance specialists and insurance business administrators (DVA).


At the beginning there is a basic economic education, in which business and economic as well as mathematical basics, economic and insurance law, accounting, taxes and finance are taught. The focus is on the relationship to the insurance industry.

These basics are supplemented by teaching leadership skills. The focus here is on methodical, social and emotional skills for specialists and managers. The modules convey knowledge that is necessary for corporate and personnel management in the insurance industry.

The program is supplemented by deepening knowledge of insurance and banking products. You can choose to specialize in personal or property insurance.

Choice: Sales focus

For the first-year students from the summer semester 2013, an additional sales-oriented specialization option is offered. Three modules from the normal program are replaced by sales-related modules. The aim is to impart targeted skills to participants who see their personal perspectives as managers in insurance brokerage.

Study achievements

Each module ends with a written exam. The course achievements to be achieved are assessed in credit points as part of the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System). A total of 180 credit points are required to successfully complete the course.
After successfully passing the module examinations, the bachelor thesis (final thesis) must be written in the last semester.
In the event of failure, the Bachelor thesis can be repeated once and all other course work twice.

Speakers and e-tutors

The lecturers and e-tutors for the central modules are predominantly professors from the TH Köln, Institute for Insurance, the decentralized modules are taught by university lecturers and experienced practitioners at the respective study locations.

Study and registration fees

The current information is available from the German Insurance Academy (DVA) and the BWV Regional at the study locations mentioned.

Lecture and examination schedules

The lecture and examination dates for the central modules are usually announced one to two years in advance. The dates of the decentralized events and exams are set in good time before the start of the semester. Current information can be found in the closed online forum of the DVA.


For admission to the course, it is a prerequisite that the first level of training in the insurance sector has already been successfully completed. In detail:

  • For certified insurance and finance specialists, the regular course duration is reduced to five semesters, as three semesters are credited. In addition, the specialist degree includes the university entrance qualification.
  • For insurance business economists (DVA), the scope of the degree is further reduced, since only those modules have to be completed (including the bachelor thesis) that were not already part of the insurance business administration training.
  • In the case of interested parties with other qualifications, access authorization and duration of study will be checked in each individual case.


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