Have you successfully completed a law degree and now want to be specifically prepared for the drafting of business contracts, the conduct of contract negotiations and the legal support of contract processing as central activities of corporate lawyers? Then you've come to the right place. They are trained for it

  • To review existing, mostly English-language, draft contracts for risks and need for optimization and to develop legally secure alternative regulations that can be implemented in corporate practice
  • to draft and negotiate national and international business contracts tailored to the respective application
  • To determine the facts relevant for the legally secure drafting of contracts in non-legal, non-legal areas of the company
  • Use legal tech applications profitably in your legal work in order to benefit from the digital transformation
  • to evaluate the concrete influence of political and economic developments as well as legal framework conditions on the internationalization strategy of a company


1st semester
Concepts of Comparative Law introduces foreign legal systems and the characteristic features of Anglo-American contract and procedural law compared to German law. International instruments of legal standardization in the field of commercial law are also discussed.

Drafting International Commercial Contracts I introduces the drafting of international commercial contracts and the usual clauses as well as the significance of the choice of law and place of jurisdiction in international contract law. Instruments for the initiation of contractual relationships (letter of intent, memorandum of understanding, non-disclosure agreements) are also dealt with in depth.

Contract drafting Corporate law deals with the establishment of companies at home and abroad under tax and corporate law aspects. The focus is on the draft of the contracts necessary for the respective foundation.

Contract drafting Human Resources I imparts the basic knowledge necessary for drafting contracts in labor law. Among other things, the legal scope and practical effects of typical employment contract regulations as well as the drafting of employment contracts for a large number of employment relationships are dealt with.

Choices from:

  • Corporate taxation and corporate governance imparts knowledge on corporate taxation with the aim of optimizing alternative courses of action for corporate activities under tax law aspects.
  • Personnel management deals with the traditional functional fields of personnel management, such as personnel planning, personnel management, employee recruitment and retention. In addition, newer fields of activity are analyzed, such as diversity management or work-life balance.

2 semesters

German and European antitrust law deals with the special requirements of European and German antitrust law for the drafting of potentially anti-competitive agreements in contracts with competitors, suppliers, sales agents and end customers.

Drafting International Commercial Contracts II deals in depth with the design of central types of international commercial contracts such as supply contracts, distribution agreements, EPC / turnkey contracts.

Contract drafting Production and Sales deals with the drafting of supply contracts from both a seller and buyer perspective, the advantages and risks of framework supply contracts as well as sales contracts with domestic and foreign commercial agents and authorized dealers. One focus is the requirements for the design of individual contractual clauses in supply and distribution contracts in accordance with the relevant restrictions in terms and conditions and antitrust law.

Contract drafting Human Resources II imparts special knowledge in drafting contracts in labor law with a view to special employment contract regulations as well as collective law

Company simulation going global

3rd semester
block course Domestic Legal Prosecution / International Litigation and Arbitration deals with procedural issues relating to the enforcement of contractual claims, both nationally and internationally. A central component of the module is also the development of jurisdiction clauses and arbitration agreements.

Master's thesis
It is possible to choose a specialization focus. For the specialization in drafting contracts in labor law , the compulsory elective module Human Resources Management must be taken, for the specialization in drafting international business contracts, the compulsory elective module in corporate taxation must be taken and the master's thesis must also be written on a topic from the respective focus.


Optionally with 180 credit points from the Bachelor:

  • Integrated practical phase
  • Semester abroad


  • bachelor's degree (210 credit points) completed at a German university with above-average success in a legal course (or in one with a clear legal focus) or a first state examination in law
  •  Proof of advanced English language skills 


Most of our graduates now work in - mostly medium-sized - international companies. They are used there in:

  • Legal departments
  • HR departments
  • Purchasing and sales departments
  • IT departments

But also large law firms and auditing firms are increasingly recruiting our business lawyers. Furthermore, there are employment opportunities in associations and in the public service.


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