With the growing presence of information technology in today's world, computer science has transformed from a technical discipline into a subject that extends into all areas of private and professional life. Software systems have become indispensable in modern companies. It is not only found in computers, tablets or smartphones, but in almost all complex technical systems. Without IT, there would be neither the Internet nor the anti-lock braking system in the car. Computer scientists can work in all of these areas and shape the world of tomorrow.

Studying computer science on the Minden campus provides a solid foundation in computer science and its areas of application. In addition to the basic disciplines of computer science, knowledge and practical experience in the field of current technologies are imparted. The course thus includes a well-founded training that also provides a solid knowledge base for future developments.

The broad-based knowledge that students learn in the computer science course at the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences equips them with the skills required to work in the field of software development, IT security or embedded systems, among other things. Graduates of the computer science course are enabled to take on demanding tasks in the company independently immediately after completing their studies.


In the first four semesters, the computer science course provides a solid foundation in all core areas of general computer science with a focus on object-oriented software development and the pragmatic use of software engineering technologies in development teams. In the two following semesters, freely selectable subjects from different areas of application programming can be taken, e.g. the elective subjects artificial intelligence, pattern recognition, cloud computing and machine vision from the list “Methods of Computer Science” or the elective subjects from the list “Applications in Computer Science” Embedded software, IT security, mobile applications or virtual reality.

1st semester

  • Introduction to Computer Science
  • Mathematics for Computer Scientists I
  • object oriented programing
  • Programming with script languages
  • Technical computer Science

2 semesters

  • Mathematics for Computer Scientists II
  • Programming methods
  • Algorithms and data structures
  • Theoretical computer science
  • IT law

3rd semester

  • Software engineering
  • Distributed Systems
  • Databases I
  • System programming
  • Software project management

4th semester

  • Software project
  • Operating systems
  • Embedded Systems
  • Computer graphics
  • Web based applications
  • Basics of business administration

5th semester

  • Technical English
  • Electives

6th semester

  • Usability and data visualization
  • Technical seminar
  • Electives

7th semester

  • Practical phase (13 weeks)
  • bachelor thesis


Computer scientists are needed wherever software systems are developed or operated in companies. The broadly themed course with a focus on application development results in a large number of possible fields of activity:

  • Development of new and expansion of existing software systems in companies and research institutions,
  • Development of mobile applications and computer games,
  • Creation of software for embedded systems, e.g. automotive
  • Control devices, smart home devices.

A wide range of tasks can be performed in the area of ??requirements analysis, software development, software quality assurance, operation and maintenance, as well as sales and training.



Abitur or advanced technical college entrance qualification or previous education recognized as equivalent.

You can find all access options (with a technical qualification / Abitur, with foreign certificates, with professional qualifications, change of course / university etc.) under the point "Application" (green button).

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