The students in the Digital Logistics course are prepared to understand and control the complex relationships in practice. They should be able to design and optimize the material flows and information processes in the company and, in particular, through the use of digital technologies, to ensure that the right amount of the required items is available at the desired time in the required quality.


In the practice-integrated Bachelor's degree in Digital Logistics, practical phases in the company (eleven weeks) alternate with theoretical phases at the university (twelve weeks). The students prepare for the theory phases during the practical phases using didactically prepared self-study materials. The compulsory modules offer a broad education in engineering, computer science, business administration and interdisciplinary qualifications. In three practical modules and as part of the bachelor thesis, the students carry out practical projects. In this context, company-specific topics and contents can be deepened in order to prepare the students for the special tasks in operational practice.

In the fifth and sixth semesters, students have the opportunity to individualize their skills profile using an elective catalog from digital logistics.


1st semester

  • Introduction to the professional field
  • Programming basics
  • Basics of economics
  • Mathematics i
  • technical basics

2 semesters

  • Procurement, production and logistics
  • Databases
  • Material flow technology
  • Operations Research
  • Accounting, investment, finance and taxes

3rd semester

  • Business process modeling and IT systems
  • Innovation and project management
  • statistics
  • Technical English
  • Packaging technology and load securing
  • Practice module I

4th semester

  • Digital service engineering and service marketing
  • Lean Production
  • Logistic IT systems
  • Quality management
  • Web technologies

5th semester

  • Business intelligence
  • Data analytics
  • Elective module digital logistics 1 and 2 *
  • Practice module II

6th semester

  • Cyber-physical logistics systems
  • Microcontroller programming
  • Elective modules 3 and 4 *
  • Practical module III

7th semester

  • bachelor thesis
  • colloquium
  • Personnel and organization
  • Transport, forwarding, customs and foreign trade law

*Elective modules   

  • Supply chain management
  • Production Planning and Control
  • Value stream simulation
  • industrial engineering
  • Picking and sorting systems
  • Transport logistics
  • Identification technologies
  • Intercultural communication


Abitur or advanced technical college entrance qualification or previous education recognized as equivalent and proof of practical work accompanying the course. An apprenticeship or internship or an employment relationship is required for the practice-integrated course. Evidence of a cooperation agreement with the company must be provided


Logistics forms the backbone of every industrial company. Production can only take place as planned if all raw materials, individual parts, order information, manufacturing instructions, etc. are available. The distribution of the goods produced also requires high-performance logistics. It is the key to delivering products to customers on time and with minimal transport costs. In addition to the physical transport processes, the information flows along the value chain are becoming increasingly important. For example, the traceability of individual parts and products for quality purposes as well as the coordination of transport and production quantities to optimize the utilization of production facilities and means of transport are tasks of logistics.

There is a need for graduates of the degree program in every major industrial company in areas that design and optimize value-added processes as well as in management positions in production and logistics.

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