At the same time and building on your training as a nurse, you will receive your first academic degree with the cooperative Bachelor in Health (Nursing). During your studies, you will learn to critically and constructively reflect on your professional behavior against the background of relevant concepts, models and theories and thus professionalize your professional behavior.

From the second year of training, as a part-time student, you will complete your first modules at the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences in parallel to your training. The modules are offered in a blended learning format. After completing your training, you will begin the fifth semester as a full-time student. From the seventh semester onwards, you choose one of the following majors:

Vocational Education
You will acquire skills to design tasks in the field of professional training. After successfully completing the course, you can expand your pedagogical skills in the master’s course in occupational pedagogy, nursing and therapy at the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences, in order to become a teacher at a health care school.

Consulting and management
You will learn to plan, implement and evaluate patient and employee-centered communication processes independently. You qualify for tasks and responsibilities in management, e.g. B. in the development of innovative supply concepts.

Reflective Practitioner / Applied Research
The focus is on the identification and description of practical problems and their method-based processing. You will learn how guidelines and treatment standards are developed taking scientific criteria into account.

  • Shortened way to the first academic degree
  • Close connection between theory and practice through the cooperation between the university of applied sciences and the training centers
  • Recognition of professional training
  • Interdisciplinary learning in the later course of studies
  • Individual career planning by choosing a focus from the seventh semester
  • Integration of teaching and research through current research projects at the department's own research institute (InBVG)
  • Support and supervision of the final phase (bachelor thesis and colloquium) by professors and writing advice from Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences

The bachelor's degree program integrates two practical phases. In the initial phase, you will explore the practice from a science-oriented perspective as part of the "orienting, practice-related studies" in close cooperation with the nursing schools. As part of the “practice-related project studies” towards the end of your studies, you will carry out your own projects.


1st semester

  • Field of work and profession care

2 semesters

  • Professionalization in the field of care
  • Orienting practical studies

3rd semester

  • Basics of the related sciences of nursing and therapy

4th semester

  • Activity and movement
  • Diet and Metabolism
  • Framework conditions for nursing activities
  • Nursing processes
  • Communication and interaction

5th semester

  • Process-oriented action in care and therapy
  • Health behavior and health promotion
  • Care needs, diagnostics and assessment   
  • Scientific basis of care and therapy

 6th semester

  • Medical psychology
  • Basics of economics
  • Teaching and learning in a business context
  • Hygiene management
  • Theoretical foundations of care and therapy

7th semester

  • Focus
    • Vocational education
    • Advice and management
    • Reflective Practitioner / Applied Research
    • Elective module

8th semester

  • Politics and context design
  • Focus
    • Vocational education
    • Advice and management
    • Reflective Practitioner / Applied Research
    • Elective module
  • Bachelor thesis and colloquium


The prerequisite for admission to the course is a training position for training as a nurse in one of the four cooperating training centers and a letter of recommendation from the training center. In addition, proof of the advanced technical college entrance qualification, the Abitur or an equivalent previous education must be provided.


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