Specialist orientation is guaranteed in the field of geodesy with modules that deal with content on mathematical geodesy, earth measurement and the collection and processing of data using engineering methods of surveying or satellite geodesy or that focus on real estate management and the special features of geographic information systems.

In the area of ??geoinformatics and cartography, the focus is on content for geodata analysis and geosensorics, perception and visualization as well as on applications for geodata processing, internet cartography and interactive geomedia design.


In addition to the seminars in which theoretical knowledge is developed, the exercises in modern laboratories enable direct practical application and deepening of knowledge, for example with high-precision 3D measurements in industrial applications.

In order to guarantee individual support and advice, the groups are limited to a maximum of 22 students.\


The students of the master’s course have the opportunity to contribute their specialist skills to research projects and thus gain further academic qualifications.

The regional reference and the thematic focus are diverse. This includes geodetic studies of the mass budget of the ice caps in the Arctic and Antarctic as well as the use of photogrammetric methods to support antiquity research in Turkey and Iran.

Further projects serve the development of precise earth models, the merging of data from different reference systems, the development of a software system for surveying applications and the monitoring of structures by means of deformation measurements.

Geoinformatics and cartography are dedicated, among other things, to mobile augmented reality technologies for the visualization of dynamic processes or for the reconstruction of historical buildings. The optimization of map displays on mobile devices is the goal of eye tracking studies, the spatial distribution and accessibility of health facilities in Berlin, Tanzania and Rwanda can be optimized with GIS analysis techniques.

Modern mapping and visualization methods contribute significantly to the success of archaeological projects in Italy and Sudan. Web mapping systems are being developed, for example, to track the snow loads on buildings in real time, or to make map archives accessible to the general public.

1st semester

module Module name SU SWS Ü SWS LP P / WP FB
M01 Geo project management 3rd   5 P. III
M02 Design methods and patterns in GeoIT 2 2 5 P. III
M03 Elective module I   3rd 5 WP III
M04 Major module 1     5 P. III
M05 Major module 2     5 P. III
M06 Major module 3     5 P. III
  Focus on geodesy          
M04-A Theoretical geodesy 2 2 5 P. III
M05-A Engineering surveying 2 2 5 P. III
M06-A Earth measurement 2 2 5 P. III
  Focus on geoinformatics and cartography          
M04-B Raster data analysis 2 2 5 P. III
M05-B Perception and visualization 4th   5 P. III
M06-B Geosensors 2 2 5 P. III

2 semesters

module Module name SU SWS Ü SWS LP P / WP FB
M07 Corporate and human resource management 3rd   5 P. I.
M08 Geospatial data storage and networking 2 2 5 P. III
M09 Elective module II   3rd 5 WP III
M10 Major module 4     5 P. III
M11 Major module 5     5 P. III
M12 Major module 6     5 P. III
  Focus on geodesy          
M10-A Digital photogrammetry and image processing 2 2 5 P. III
M11-A Satellite geodesy 2 2 5 P. III
M12-A Real estate management 4th   5 P. III
  Focus on geoinformatics and cartography          
M10-B Thematic internet cartography 2 2 5 P. III
M11-B Automated geodata processing 2 2 5 P. III
M12-B Interactive geomedia design 2 2 5 P. III

4th semester

module Module name SU SWS Ü SWS LP P / WP FB
M17 final exam       P. III
M17.1 Master thesis     25th P. III
M17.2 Oral exam     5 P. III


Elective modules

module Module name SU SWS Ü SWS LP P / WP FB
WP01 Analysis of remote sensing data   3rd 5 WP III
WP02 Automation with Raspberry Pi low-cost systems   3rd 5 WP III
WP03 Geo excursion   3rd 5 WP III
WP04 Geomedia design   3rd 5 WP III
WP05 GIS practice and development cooperation   3rd 5 WP III
WP06 Location based apps   3rd 5 WP III
WP07 Monitoring of engineering structures   3rd 5 WP III
WP08 New geographic information technologies   3rd 5 WP III
WP09 Radar remote sensing   3rd 5 WP III
WP10 Satellite positioning of moving objects   3rd 5 WP III
WP11 Environmental seminar   3rd 5 WP III
WP12 3D analysis techniques   3rd 5 WP III


  • A university degree (Bachelor or Diploma) in one of the fields of geoinformation or geoinformatics, geodesy, cartography or in geosciences, or a comparable degree



Regardless of whether you decide to focus on geodesy or geoinformatics and cartography: in both cases you will qualify as a manager for industry and administration in those positions where geodata plays a central role.

The areas of activity are broad and the professional perspectives are just as diverse. Graduates work, for example, in engineering offices, administrations and research institutes.

You will find tasks

  • in the automotive industry,
  • in consulting firms,
  • in construction,
  • at energy suppliers,
  • in the aerospace industry,
  • with software and device manufacturers,
  • in urban and regional planning,
  • in the real estate industry,
  • in the transport and logistics industry,
  • in the environmental sector or
  • in geoscientific research.

You lead or are involved in multidisciplinary projects.

The Geodesy is the science of measurement and representation of the earth's surface. Graduates have mastered the geometric and physical models required for this and can apply them globally and locally on a project-specific basis. The degree in geodesy qualifies for career training for the higher surveying administration service.

The Geoinformatics and Cartography is dedicated to the management, value creation and distribution of spatial data. Graduates develop efficient solutions for spatial and temporal issues. They design tailor-made procedures and methods for the collection, processing, analysis and presentation of geodata.
























































































































































































































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