The three-semester master’s program is geared towards the entire breadth of food technology. Based on the knowledge acquired in the bachelor's degree, there is on the one hand an essential theoretical and practical deepening of the teaching content, on the other hand an expansion of the range of subjects.

You will get an overview of current trends in the food industry and technology.

Knowledge of special technologies in food production, innovation and product development as well as methods of analytical quality assurance of food are deepened and expanded. You learn how to model processes.

You have the option of specializing via elective offers. You can choose between biometrics and food physics as well as between instrumental diagnostic methods of analysis and microbiology.

We offer you studies in small groups, in the form of seminars, application-oriented practical exercises and excursions. You apply the theoretical knowledge you have acquired in your own scientific work, initially in a team in the form of a project and finally in the form of your own thesis.




The Master’s degree in Food Technology / Food Science and Technology, with its highly practical training, is an ideal prerequisite for a demanding job in the listed professional fields.

A project work and the master’s thesis enable specialist deepening and practical experience. The master's thesis can be carried out at the university, in industry or at an authority or federal institution.

Synergy effects between the university, food processing companies, federal and state authorities as well as research institutions are used in a targeted manner in the master’s course in Food Technology / Food Science and Technology for the theoretical and practical training of students.


The students are actively integrated into the main research areas of the degree program with a scientific project and the final master's thesis.

The realization takes place in the laboratories of the course as well as in cooperation with companies and other research institutes. Both product-specific and interdisciplinary topics are dealt with:

Laboratory for Food Technology and Process Engineering: ????
  • Hydrothermal treatment of grain ????
  • Enrichment of valuable ingredients in grain ????
  • Technological options for the use of native plant enzymes ????
  • Development of functional food components
Laboratory for food and consumer goods analysis:
  • ???? Analytical tracking of technological processes for product optimization (for example furan in coffee) ????
  • Aroma tests, for example to evaluate the product quality after high pressure treatment of vegetables or the aroma recovery from vapors
  • ???? Environmental analysis, for example for heavy metals and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) ????
  • Nutrient analysis and determination of valuable ingredients ???? Product development and sensory analysis
Food Microbiology Laboratory:
  • ???? Antimicrobial effect of spice extracts
  • ???? Molecular biological identification of potential pathogens
  • ???? Probiotics


1st semester

module Module name SU SWS Ü SWS LP P / WP FB
M01 Current trends in the food industry and technology 3rd   5 P. V.
M02 Non-thermal preservation processes 4th   5 P. V.
M03 Transport of substances and heat in food 2 2 5 P. V.
M04 Product development and innovation 2 2 5 P. V.
M05 Analytical quality assurance of food 2 4th 5 P. V.
M06 Elective module I   4th 5 WP V.
  Elective modules          
WP01 Food Physics / Food Materials Science   4th 5 WP V.
WP02 Modeling of transport processes in food   4th 5 WP V.

2 semesters

module Module name SU SWS Ü SWS LP P / WP FB
M07 biometrics 4th   5 P. V.
M08 Food microbiology 2 4th 5 P. V.
M09 Functionalization of food raw materials 2 2 5 P. V.
M10 Scientific project   5 10 P. V.
M11 Elective module II   4th 5 WP V.
  Elective modules          
WP03 Instrument-based analytics   4th 5 WP V.
WP04 Instrumental microbiological diagnostics   4th 5 WP V.

3rd semester

module Module name SU SWS Ü SWS LP P / WP FB
M12 final exam       P. V.
M12.1 master thesis     25th P. V.
M12.2 Oral exam     5 P. V.


The Master of Science in Food Science and Technology qualifies graduates for management positions in:

  • Production,
  • Research,
  • Quality assurance of food.

With this degree, you acquire the right to access higher service. It also offers you the opportunity to pursue an academic career with a doctorate.

As a Master of Science in Food Science and Technology, you will be able to work primarily in large companies, but also in medium-sized companies that are intensive in research and development.

This opens up Germany-wide and international career prospects for Master’s graduates. The Berlin / Brandenburg region with its variety of food science, nutritional science and biotechnological research institutions, start-up and technology centers offers interesting application possibilities.

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