In the master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering - Renewable Energies, the natural and engineering sciences are deepened.

The courses are held in small groups according to the seminar principle: lecture and discussion alternate in a didactically sensible way.

Exercises serve to deepen the subject matter and convey practical methods and process engineering. Computer workstations are available in the exercises for subjects that use software. Practical relevance is ensured through exercises in the laboratories and integrated collaboration with industry.

The structure of the course is designed so that each module is offered once a year. Students are accepted every semester. When starting in the winter semester, the modules of the second semester must be studied before those of the first semester.



A consistently high level of practical relevance for the course is achieved through the practical teaching of the subject matter in the form of seminars and practical exercises.

The master's thesis is usually prepared in close cooperation with companies. Furthermore, parts of the curriculum are organized in the form of project work, in which the students work on current problems from industry in a practical manner.



The students are involved in the research projects of the individual branches and branches of industry covered. This takes place in particular in the modules of the elective area (stress analysis WP05, solving technical problems from practice WP06, laboratory project renewable energies and process engineering WP07) as well as in the final theses.

In the laboratory for conventional and renewable energies, new technologies are tested and developed, including applications for generating energy from waves, a solar thermal parabolic trough collector, an adsorption heat pump, a fuel cell combined heat and power plant and energy storage systems.

There are currently cooperation agreements with leading renewable energy companies in Germany and abroad.

The main research areas include:

  • Different systems for the use of wave energy
  • Measurement, endurance and performance test of a new type of adsorption chiller
  • Novel flow machines
  • Use of hydropower
  • Selective use of thermal radiation
  • Hydrogen reforming
  • PEM fuel cell combined heat and power plant
  • Measurement of photovoltaic modules and solar collectors using a sunlight simulator
  • Novel heat pumps



1st semester

module Module name SU SWS Ü SWS Cr P / WP FB
M01 Numerics and Optimization 4th   5 P. II
M02 Planning and operation of wind power plants 2 2 5 P. VIII
M03 Fluid flow machines and thermal processes 2 2 5 P. VIII
M04 Solar technology - application and simulation 2 2 5 P. VIII
M05 Biomass and renewable raw materials, project 2 2 5 P. VIII
  Elective module I     5 WP

2 semesters

module Module name SU SWS Ü SWS Cr P / WP FB
M06 New systems of power plant technology 2 2 5 P. VIII
M07 Hydrogen technology and application 2 2 5 P. VIII
M08 Computational Fluid Dynamics 2 2 5 P. VIII
M09 Project management / personnel management 4th   5 P. I.
M10 Studium Generale I 2   2.5 WP I.
M11 Studium Generale II   2 2.5 WP I.
  Elective module II     5 WP

3rd semester

module Module name SU SWS Ü SWS Cr P / WP FB
M12 final exam       P.  
M12.1 master thesis     25th P.  
M12.2 Master thesis colloquium     5 P.

Elective modules

module Module name semester SU SWS Ü SWS Cr P / WP FB
WP01 Conveyor systems, construction and control 2 2 2 5 WP VIII
WP02 Explicit finite element method 1 2 2 5 WP VIII
WP03 Energy industry, specialization 2 2 2 5 WP VIII
WP04 Selected chapters of environmental process engineering 2 2 2 5 WP VIII
WP05 Stress analysis (project) 2   4th 5 WP VIII
WP06 Solving technical problems from practice (project) 1   4th 5 WP VIII
WP07 Laboratory project for renewable energies and process engineering 1   4th 5 WP VIII
WP08 Selected chapters of process engineering 1 2 2 5 WP VIII


For a degree in the standard period of study, knowledge is required as it is imparted in the degree course in mechanical engineering (all subject areas) at the Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin.

For graduates of bachelor’s degree programs with fewer than 210 credits, the dean specifies additional modules, the successful completion of which must be proven by the time the application for the thesis is submitted.


Graduates of the Mechanical Engineering - Renewable Energies course are able to take on demanding engineering activities in different areas of mechanical engineering, especially for energy-related machines, plants and systems as well as their components.

You develop, plan, build, operate or maintain machines, systems or processes that are optimized in terms of energy and economy. They master different technical disciplines and solution methods. You will be able to systematically penetrate complex processes, find suitable alternative solutions, select a practicable and economically appropriate approach and implement it in a sound manner.

Graduates have interdisciplinary qualifications that qualify them to the highest degree for later higher management tasks.

In addition to the technical specialization, for example in the areas of simulation and calculation technologies, numerics or computational fluid dynamics, these also include so-called soft skills such as presentation techniques, leadership skills and teamwork. This manifests the area of ??innovation in the way students think and act.

This particularly meets the requirements of business, industry and administration for interdisciplinary trained engineers with in-depth technological knowledge who can solve complex tasks in an interdisciplinary manner.

With the master’s degree, you acquire qualifications for higher service.

Areas of application can be found in energy technology companies with a focus on renewable energies, general mechanical engineering and power plant technology.

Exemplary activities are:

  • Leading project planning and engineering of technical systems, processes and procedures
  • Technical and economic project evaluation and development
  • Applied research and development


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