The course prepares students for management tasks, especially in the areas of project management, marketing, accounting as well as communication and cooperation.

In principle, all areas are independent of one another. In addition to the learning objectives of acquiring knowledge, the application of this knowledge is encouraged.

In the modules “Communication and Cooperation”, “Change Management” and “Coaching and Consulting”, the focus is on scientific discussion and its application to operational problems, especially through the inclusion of practical exercises on the basis of case studies in teaching.

In the event parts designed by the students themselves, topics are worked out in virtual teams, the results of which are presented to the entire group in the face-to-face phases. Due to the necessary cooperation in the virtual teams, all students must bring a high level of self-management and teamwork skills.



The course primarily offers the possibility of further qualification alongside work.

As part of the master's thesis, the opportunity is offered to work on business issues and to develop solution concepts.

Close-to-business support is guaranteed by mapping case studies from personal practical experience or selected typical situations in the company. In this way, theoretical models are checked for their viability and systematic and generalizable findings are extracted from the comparison of individual company cases.


As part of the course, students receive a reference to a wide range of research priorities in the department. This includes:

  • Methods and procedures of project management
  • Process development for ERP systems
  • Use of creativity techniques
  • Social media in internal corporate communication
  • Gender and diversity sensitive personnel management
  • Simulation for process optimization
  • Hospital management
  • Company stress and health management
  • Ambient Assisted Living 


1st semester

module Module name SU LE Ü LE LP P / WP FB
M01 Business ethics   12th 5 P. I.
M02 International group accounting 12th   5 P. I.
M03 Selected areas of corporate management   12th 5 P. I.

2 semesters

module Module name SU LE Ü LE LP P / WP FB
M04 Marketing Consulting 12th   5 P. I.
M05 Selected areas of project management 12th   5 P. I.
M06 Coaching and advice   32 5 P. I.


3rd semester

module Module name SU LE Ü LE LP P / WP FB
M07 Change management   32 5 P. I.
M08 Controlling as an instrument of behavior control 9   5 P. I.
M09 Elective module I     5 WP I.
  Elective modules          
WP01 Labor and corporate law for executives 12th   5 WP I.
WP02 Optimization of logistics process chains 12th   5 WP I

4th semester

module Module name SU LE Ü LE LP P / WP FB
M10 Elective module II     5 WP I.
M11 Selected areas of economic statistics 12th   5 P. II
M12 Studium Generale I 6th   2.5 WP I.
M13 Studium Generale II   6th 2.5 WP I.
  Elective modules          
WP03 Selected areas of taxation 12th   5 WP I.
WP04 Selected areas of economics 12th   5 WP I.

5th semester

module Module name SU LE Ü LE LP P / WP FB
M14 final exam       P. I.
M14.1 Master thesis     25th P. I.
M14.2 Oral exam     5 P. I.


  • The Master’s degree in Management and Consulting is consecutive to the dual Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Beuth University.
  • Admission to the course is granted to those who have successfully completed a first academic degree with at least 210 credit points and have sufficient business management knowledge.



The aim of the Master’s degree in Management and Consulting is to qualify graduates for management tasks in operational functions and projects. You will be able to plan organizational units, optimize business processes and develop and implement business processes.

The qualification that can be achieved also extends to various advisory functions, for example in the context of day-to-day management tasks, in in-house advisory units or in independent advisory firms.

After completing the master’s degree, graduates will have the in-depth, theoretically sound specialist knowledge required for management positions and advice in the field of business administration and work and organizational psychology.

Furthermore, the Master’s degree in Management and Consulting provides smooth access to subsequent research activities that may lead to a doctorate. At the same time, qualification for higher service is achieved.




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