The bachelor's degree in media informatics includes proven basic training in the fields of computer science and digital media. The basics of computer science such as programming, software engineering, databases, operating systems, network technologies and computer graphics are taught as well as current technologies for web and mobile applications.

In the field of digital media, the focus is on dealing with different media elements (text, images, audio / video). The students learn to handle these professionally and to integrate them into interactive multimedia applications of all kinds. Theoretical tools include audio and video technology, the basics of screen design, interaction and navigation techniques and the conception of human-machine interfaces.

Technical competence and creativity are required here. As part of a variety of software projects, students learn to work in a team under practical conditions and to combine the knowledge and skills they have acquired in the fields of computer science and media.

The wide range of interesting elective subjects enables you
to specialize in media informatics or to broaden your professional horizons according to your own inclinations and abilities.



1st semester

module Module name SU SWS Ü SWS LP P / WP FB
B01 Mathematics i 4th 2 5 P. II
B02 Basics of theoretical computer science 2 2 5 P. VI
B03 Media design basics 2 2 5 P. VI
B04 Technical basics of computer science 2 2 5 P. VI
B05 Programming I 4th 4th 10 P. VI

2 semesters

module Module name SU SWS Ü SWS LP P / WP FB
B06 Mathematics II 4th 2 5 P. II
B07 Algorithms and data structures 2 2 5 P. VI
B08 Database systems 2 2 5 P. VI
B09 Programming II 2 2 5 P. VI
B10 Operating systems 2 2 5 P. VI
B11 Studium Generale I 2   2.5 WP I.
B12 Studium Generale II   2 2.5 WP I.

3rd semester

module Module name SU SWS Ü SWS LP P / WP FB
B13 Software engineering I 2 2 5 P. VI
B14 Computer graphics basics 2 2 7th P. VI
B15 Media technologies 2 4th 8th P. VI
B16 Distributed Systems 2 2 5 P. VI
B17 Web engineering I 2 2 5 P. VI

4th semester

module Module name SU SWS Ü SWS LP P / WP FB
B18 Software engineering II 2 4th 8th P. VI
B19 Web engineering II 2 2 7th P. VI
B20 Human-Computer Interaction 2 2 5 P. VI
B21 Elective module I   4th 5 WP VI
B22 Elective module II   4th 5 WP VI

5th semester

module Module name SU SWS Ü SWS LP P / WP FB
B23 Project   6th 15th P. VI
B24 Basics of scientific work 1 2 5 P. I.
B25 Elective module III   4th 5 WP VI
B26 Elective module IV   4th 5 WP V

6th semester

module Module name SU SWS Ü SWS Cr P / WP FB
B27 Practice project     15th P. VI
B28 final exam       P. VI
B28.1 bachelor thesis     12 P. VI
B28.2 Oral exam     3rd P. VI


  • General or subject-specific higher education entrance qualification, technical college entrance qualification or another legally stipulated university entrance qualification (e.g. § 11 BerlHG)
  • Subject-specific practical training is recommended.



Innovative web and mobile applications help us to organize our professional and private everyday life, life without them seems almost unimaginable. The industry is desperately looking for creative offspring to design and implement such applications.

The media informatics course provides a well-founded basic computer science education paired with design and application knowledge from the media sector and thus creates the necessary basis for conceiving, developing and maintaining complex multimedia systems. After completing their studies, graduates can look forward to a wide range of highly attractive fields of work, such as: B .:

  • Multimedia web applications
  • Distributed e-business applications
  • Applications for mobile devices of all kinds
  • Computer games and game engines
  • Tools for editing and managing multimedia content
  • Interactive 2D / 3D visualizations
  • Intelligent interactive television services

But there are also countless career opportunities outside of the media sector. Media IT specialists are trained to be able to cope with any kind of software project.

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