Computer simulations have become an indispensable part of everyday work in development, construction, operation and research. The bachelor's degree "Computational Engineering and Design" enables you to understand and help shape this exciting, interdisciplinary subject area.

Thanks to the coordinated lectures, exercises and projects, you will master the following areas in addition to the classic engineering and programming basics:

  • Simulation of components in terms of load-bearing capacity and deformation
  • Simulation of flows and fluid-structure interactions
  • Simulation of procedural processes
  • Simulation of dynamic systems
  • Visualization and evaluation of simulation results
  • Numerical methods
  • Project management

In addition to using industry-relevant simulation programs, you will learn to understand the theory behind them and to implement your own ideas in software. You can delve deeper into selected areas within the framework of elective subjects.

The CAVE, a virtual space, opens up completely new possibilities in teaching and research. Be there live when the liquid flows through a turbine. 


1st semester

module Module name SU SWS Ü SWS LP P / WP FB
B01 Mathematics i 5   5 P. II
B02 Technical mechanics I 4th   5 P. VIII
B03 Technical calculations 2 2 5 P. VIII
B04 Experimental technology   4th 5 P. VIII
B05 Programming and project management     5 P. I / VI
B05.1 Program 2       VI
B05.2 Project management 2       I.
B06 Programming (project)   4th 5 P. VI

2 semesters

module Module name SU SWS Ü SWS LP P / WP FB
B07 Mathematics II 5   5 P. II
B08 Technical Mechanics II and Materials Science     5 P. VIII
B08.1 Technical Mechanics II 2        
B08.2 Materials science 2        
B09 Technical fluid mechanics 4th   5 P. VIII
B10 thermodynamics 4th   5 P. VIII
B11 Numerical methods I 2 2 5 P. II
B12 CAD in technology (project)   4th 5 P. VIII

3rd semester

module Module name SU SWS Ü SWS LP P / WP FB
B13 Technical English   4th 5 P. I.
B14 Impulse, energy and mass transport 4th   5 P. VIII
B15 Numerical methods II 4th   5 P. II
B16 Dynamic simulation of environmental systems     5 P. VIII
B16.1 Basics of dynamic simulation 2        
B16.2 Simulation exercise   2      
B17 CFD - Computational Fluid Dynamics (Project)   4th 5 P. VIII
B18 FEM structure simulation (project)   4th 5 P. VIII

4th semester

module Module name SU SWS Ü SWS LP P / WP FB
B19 Practical phase     30th P. VIII

5th semester

module Module name SU SWS Ü SWS LP P / WP FB
B20 Technical mechanics III 4th   5 P. VIII
B21 Model equations of CFD 4th   5 P. VIII
B22 Elective module I (WP01 or WP02; WP03 to WP08 can also be recognized)   4th 5 WP  
B23 Evaluation and optimization of simulations 4th   5 P. VIII
B24 Turbo machines 4th   5 P. VIII
B25 Process engineering plants 4th   5 P. VIII

6th semester

module Module name SU SWS Ü SWS LP P / WP FB
B26 Integrated calculations (project)   8th 5 P. VIII
B27 Process simulation (project)   4th 5 P. VIII
B28 Studium Generale I 2   2.5 WP I.
B29 Studium Generale II   2 2.5 WP I.
B30 Elective module II (WP03 to WP05; WP01, WP02 and WP06 to WP08 can also be recognized)   4th 5 WP  
B31 Elective module III (WP06, WP07 or WP08)   4th 5 WP

7th semester

module Module name SU SWS Ü SWS LP P / WP FB
B32 Elective project   4th 15th WP  
B39 final exam     15th P.  
B39.1 bachelor thesis     12 P. VIII
B39.2 Oral exam     3rd P. VIII

Elective modules

module Module name Curriculum semester SU SWS Ü SWS LP P / WP FB
WP01 Co-simulation and solver coupling 5   4th 5 WP VIII
WP02 Numerics specialization 5   4th 5 WP II
WP03 Energy methods for structural simulation 6th   4th 5 WP VIII
WP04 Simulation in control engineering 6th   4th 5 WP VIII
WP05 Gas dynamics 6th   4th 5 WP VIII
WP06 Simulation of multiphase flows 6th   4th 5 WP VIII
WP07 Explicit finite element method 6th   4th 5 WP VIII
WP08 Alternative simulation methods 6th   4th 5 WP VIII
WP09 Solution of simulation problems (project in the company) 7th   4th 15th WP VIII
WP10 Solution of simulation problems (project at the Beuth University) 7th   4th 15th WP VIII
  Notes on the compulsory elective area:            
  WP01 or WP02 can be chosen for the compulsory elective module I (B22). WP03 to WP08 can also be recognized for B22.            
  WP03 to WP05 can be chosen for the compulsory elective module II (B30). WP01, WP02 and WP06 to WP08 can also be recognized for B30.            
  WP06, WP07 or WP08 can be selected for elective module III (B31).


  • University entrance qualification, general or subject-specific university entrance qualification or another law-enforcement eligibility (e.g. §11 BerlHG)


Secure your professional future in the long term by taking an engineering degree with a focus on simulation, because digitalization in technology also means that computer simulation is becoming increasingly important.

Development cycles and costs in mechanical engineering and process engineering have already been significantly reduced in the last two decades through the increased use of computer simulations. As digitization progresses, we are facing another upheaval. The virtual world (simulation) and the real world are growing ever closer together. Help shape this upheaval!

As an expert in computer simulations, you are in demand today and in the future - in industrial companies, engineering service providers and of course in research institutions or as a founder of a start-up. The Beuth University supports you in all matters relating to the start-up: from financing to marketing.

In Berlin you will find an ideal location for innovative business ideas. Alternatively, you can attend an in-depth master’s degree, for example to work at an international research institute.

During your studies you can get in touch with future employers - in the context of the practical phase, for projects, excursions and the final thesis. The early practical phase in the 4th semester enables you not only to try out what you have learned at an early stage, but also to establish a long-term relationship with a future employer.


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