Do you enjoy understanding complex relationships and constantly discovering new things? The increasing digitization leads to exciting challenges, especially in the areas of computer-based technology development and data analysis.

The Applied Mathematics bachelor's degree is geared towards these future requirements:
analysis of large amounts of data, mathematical modeling and rapid implementation in software.

The course conveys both the concepts of classic mathematical topics and, from the outset, in-depth practical knowledge of modern software development. From the first semester, small groups learn how to translate mathematical methods into concrete solutions.

In advanced subjects - including optimization, machine learning, mathematical modeling - more specific topics are dealt with. In the higher semesters, the students deepen and test their knowledge in different application profiles.

You can choose from:

  • Computer vision
  • Data analysis
  • Industrial math
  • Business Mathematics 



The professors on the course worked in industry and business. They
offer students scientific competence and practical expertise at the same time.

In this way, the students receive an interdisciplinary training in applied mathematics. During the entire course there is a great focus on the practical application of mathematical methods and techniques.

The graduates are thus able to develop and implement complex problem solutions in a wide variety of professional subject areas.

Learning in small groups, numerous project work in a team and the presentation of work results prepare you for teamwork and communication at work.

The twelve-week practical phase in the seventh semester creates a further concrete reference to the world of work. Often the practical contacts result in topics for a thesis, sometimes also the entry into a future job.



1st semester

module Module name SU SWS Ü SWS LP P / WP FB
B01 Analysis Ia 3 1 5 P. II
B02 Analysis Ib 3 1 5 P. II
B03 Linear algebra Ia 3 1 5 P. II
B04 Linear algebra Ib 3 1 5 P. II
B05 Basics of mathematical work 4th   5 P. II
B06 Introduction to Scientific Computing 2 2 5 P. II

2 semesters

module Module name SU SWS Ü SWS LP P / WP FB
B07 Analysis IIa 3 1 5 P. II
B08 Analysis IIb 3 1 5 P. II
B09 Linear Algebra II 2 2 5 P. II
B10 probability calculation 3 1 5 P. II
B11 Programming a 2 2 5 P. VI
B12 Programming b 2 2 5 P. VI

3rd semester

module Module name SU SWS Ü SWS LP P / WP FB
B13 Analysis III 6th   5 P. II
B14 Numerical Mathematics Ia 3 1 5 P. II
B15 Numerical Mathematics Ib 3 1 5 P. II
B16 Computer-Oriented Mathematics I 2 2 5 P. II
B17 Introduction to Statistics 2 2 5 P. II
B18 English 2 2 5 P. I

4th semester

module Module name SU SWS Ü SWS LP P / WP FB
B19 Numerical Mathematics II 2 2 5 P. II
B20 Differential equations 6th   5 P. II
B21 Computer-Oriented Mathematics II 2 2 5 P. II
B22 Regression models 2 2 5 P. II
B23 geometry 4th   5 P. II
B24 Mathematical modeling 3 1 5 P. II

5th semester

module Module name SU SWS Ü SWS LP P / WP FB
B25 Introduction to optimization 4th   5 P. II
B26 Database systems I 4th   5 P. II
B27 Computer-Oriented Mathematics III 4th   5 P. II
B28 Numerical Mathematics III 4th   5 P. II
B29 Elective module I   4th 5 WP II
B30 Elective module II   4th 5 WP II
  Elective modules          
WP01 Physical-technical basics   4th 5 WP II
WP02 Mathematical methods of image processing   4th 5 WP II
WP03 Practical financial mathematics   4th 5 WP II
WP04 Statistical data analysis   4th 5 WP II

6th semester

module Module name SU SWS Ü SWS LP P / WP FB
B31 Operations Research 4th   5 P. II
B32 Database systems II 4th   5 P. II
B33 Mathematical basics of machine learning 4th   5 P. II
B34 Studium Generale I 2   2.5 WP I.
B35 Studium Generale II   2 2.5 WP I.
B36 Elective module III   4th 5 WP II
B37 Elective module IV   4th 5 WP II
  Elective modules          
WP05 Practical actuarial math   4th 5 WP II
WP06 Statistics software   4th 5 WP II
WP07 Numerical simulation of technical systems   4th 5 WP II
WP08 Mathematical methods of CAD   4th 5 WP II

7th semester

module Module name SU SWS Ü SWS LP P / WP FB
B38 Practice project & AEP     15th P.  
B39 final exam       P.  
B39.1 Bachelor thesis     12th P.  
B39.2 Oral exam     3 P



  • University entrance qualification, general or subject-specific university entrance qualification or another law-enforcement eligibility (e.g. §11 BerlHG)



Autonomous driving, climate models, search and suggestion algorithms in online services, insurance policies, CAD models, ...:

As a key technology for solving complex problems from industry, business, research and society, mathematics is indispensable.

In the applied mathematics studies, you will learn to use mathematical methods to solve application problems and acquire extensive software knowledge. This opens up attractive prospects for you in a wide variety of professional fields.

You are in demand wherever it comes to dealing with large amounts of data, mathematical modeling of application problems and / or demanding and fast implementation in software solutions.

The technical and social development in connection with the advancing digitization increasingly requires people who can quickly familiarize themselves with new topics. Applied mathematics students are prepared precisely for this: They are broadly based with the knowledge they have acquired, but are also well versed in key future technologies.

Our graduates work for employers as diverse as banks and insurance companies, research and development departments of industrial companies, public administration and the increasingly important online service providers or startups. Important fields of activity include software development, data analysis and virtual product development.

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