The Beuth University of Applied Sciences as a traditional state educational institution in Berlin stands for application-oriented transfer of specialist knowledge with a focus on technology.

This technical competence is complemented by a strong business administration: The Beuth University has trained many generations of successful business administrators since the 1980s. These two strengths combine to make up the interdisciplinary course in Business Administration - Digital Economy:

Solid technical knowledge paired with business management thinking and acting.

The course content covers the business basics of all corporate functional areas as well as the technical aspects.

The students learn to deal critically with the digital economy and get in touch with its representatives at an early stage as part of practical projects.

Depending on the individual inclination and personal career planning, priorities can be set through the elective subjects.

Personal skills such as the ability to work in a team, time and self-management as well as methodological skills in project management and empirical research are trained. They enable you to work in interdisciplinary and intercultural, including English-speaking teams.



The Beuth University offers application-oriented knowledge transfer and targeted preparation for the job: The committed lecturers have several years of practical and research experience and are in direct contact with companies in the digital economy.

Practical projects with real tasks are firmly anchored in the curriculum so that the students experience the practical relevance. These are handled independently in project teams.

With a view to the international nature of the digital economy, selected modules are carried out in English and intercultural skills are trained in a targeted manner.

A twelve-week internship is integrated in the final semester.



1st semester

module Module name SU SWS Ü SWS LP P / WP FB
B01 Basics of Business Administration 4th   5 P. I.
B02 Mathematical basics of business administration 4th   5 P. II
B03 Basics of digital media 4th   5 P. I.
B04 Introduction to software technologies 2 2 5 P. VI
B05 Time and self management / presentation techniques 2 2 5 P. I.
B06 English for the Digital Economy   4th 5 P. I.

2 semesters

module Module name SU SWS Ü SWS LP P / WP FB
B07 Microeconomics of the digital economy 4th   5 P. I.
B08 Applied accounting 4th   5 P. I.
B09 Statistics for the digital economy 4th   5 P. II
B10 Service marketing 2 2 5 P. I.
B11 Modeling of business processes and services 2 2 5 P. VI
B12 Empirical research methods 2 2 5 P. I.

3rd semester

module Module name SU SWS Ü SWS LP P / WP FB
B13 Corporate management and business model development 4th   5 P. I.
B14 Agile project management 2 2 5 P. I.
B15 Controlling 2 2 5 P. I.
B16 Human Computer Interaction 2 2 5 P. VI
B17 English in an International Context 2 2 5 P. I.
B18 Marketing project seminar   2 5 P. I.

4th semester

module Module name SU SWS Ü SWS LP P / WP FB
B19 Basics of business law 4th   5 P. I.
B20 Entrepreneurship and business plan 2 2 5 P. I.
B21 Supply chain management 2 2 5 P. I.
B22 Business intelligence 2 2 5 P. VI
B23 Elective module 01 (WP01 or WP02)   4th 5 WP  
B24 Project seminar media   2 5 P. I.
  Elective modules          
WP01 Programming basics   4th 5 WP VI
WP02 Socially relevant aspects of digitization   4th 5 WP I. 

5th semester

module Module name SU SWS Ü SWS LP P / WP FB
B25 Management Information Systems in Enterprises 4th   5 P. I.
B26 Online marketing 2 2 5 P. I.
B27 Human resource management 2 2 5 P. I.
B28 E-commerce 2 2 5 P. I.
B29 Elective module 02 (WP03 or WP04)   4th 5 WP  
B30 Guest of the digital economy 2 1 5 P. I.
  Elective modules          
WP03 Brand management   4th 5 WP I.
WP04 Mobile applications   4th 5 WP VI

6th semester

module Module name SU SWS Ü SWS LP P / WP FB
B31 Media law 4th   5 P. I.
B32 Learning design 4th   5 P. I.
B33 Innovations in technology and business 4th   5 P. I.
B34 Studium Generale I 2   2.5 WP I.
B35 Studium Generale II   2 2.5 WP I.
B36 Elective module 03 (WP05 or WP06)   4th 5 WP  
B37 E-business project   2 5 P. I.
  Elective modules          
WP05 Networked production concepts   4th 5 WP I.
WP06 Media design   4th 5 WP VI

7th semester

module Module name SU SWS Ü SWS LP P / WP FB
B38 internship     15th P. I.
B39 final exam       P. I.
B39.1 bachelor thesis     12th    
B39.2 final exam     3



The innovative degree in Business Administration - Digital Economy offers a wide range of options: Thanks to their combined technical and business administration skills, graduates can take on challenging tasks in a digital context in different types of company - from start-ups to agencies to corporations.

Areas of activity include:

  • Project management
  • Product development
  • marketing
  • distribution

At the interface with specialists in IT, market research and creation, the graduates know their tasks. In this way, they can communicate the requirements from the perspective of business administration in an appropriate and solution-oriented manner, in order to come together to find innovative and economical solutions.

The bachelor's degree in Business Administration - Digital Economy qualifies in particular for specialist and initial management positions in companies that sell products or services via digital networks and are thus digitally networked with their customers and suppliers in whole or in part.

The professional prospects are promising nationally and internationally.

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