The first two semesters lay a common foundation in the areas of printing technology, design, interactive media and business.

Additional voluntary workshops make it possible to adjust the colorful previous knowledge: Those who are not yet familiar with Adobe Photoshop and InDesign, for example, attend appropriate workshops. Experienced students can teach those who have not yet programmed any websites.

The exercises take place in modern laboratories - in the prepress & publishing laboratory on the Mac and in the printing technology and postpress laboratory on the four-color Speedmaster and CTP system.

Numerous excursions complement the lectures and small group exercises.

In the 3rd and 4th semesters, students can largely shape their way through the course themselves. Ten modules can be selected from a range of 26 modules, half of which are offered in winter and half in summer. Photography or calculation media, business plan or further processing - you get to know a lot of new topics here.

There is also the General Studies at Beuth University with over 100 courses in sociology, history, communication studies and foreign languages.



1st semester

module Module name SU SWS Ü SWS LP P / WP FB
B01 Printing technology I 2 2 5 P. VI
B02 Basics of statistics 4th 2 5 P. II
B03 Basics of information technology 2 2 5 P. VI
B04 Prepress 2 2 5 P. VI
B05 Graphic design 2 2 5 P. VI
B06 Basics of the media industry 4th   5 P. I.

2 semesters

module Module name SU SWS Ü SWS LP P / WP FB
B07 Interactive Media 2 2 5 P. VI
B08 Specialized English print & media and presentation technology   4th 5 P. I.
B09 Corporate Design 2 2 5 P. VI
B10 Marketing basics 2 2 5 P. I.
B11 Image capture and editing 2 2 5 P. VI
B12 Printing technology II

3rd semester

module Module name SU SWS Ü SWS LP P / WP FB
B13 Color management 4th 2 5 P. VI
B14 Elective module I     5 WP  
B15 Elective module II     5 WP  
B16 Elective module III     5 WP  
B17 Elective module IV     5 WP  
B18 Elective module V     5 WP

4th semester

module Module name SU SWS Ü SWS LP P / WP FB
B19 Media and contract law 4th   5 P. I.
B20 Elective module VI     5 WP  
B21 Elective module VII     5 WP  
B22 Elective module VIII     5 WP  
B23 Elective module IX     5 WP  
B24 Elective module X     5 WP

6th semester

module Module name SU SWS Ü SWS LP P / WP FB
B29 Elective module XI   4th 10 WP VI
B30 Communication and cooperation     5 P. I.
B31 final exam       P. VI
B31.1 Bachelor thesis     12 P. VI
B31.2 Oral exam     3rd P. VI

Elective modules

module Module name SU SWS Ü SWS LP P / WP FB
WP01 Calculation pressure 2 2 5 WP I.
WP02 Quality assurance printing   4th 5 WP VI
WP03 Materials science and measurement technology 2 2 5 WP V.
WP04 Finishing and security technologies 2 2 5 WP VI
WP05 Cross-media databases 2 2 5 WP VI
WP06 Business plan   4th 5 WP I.
WP07 Controlling 2 2 5 WP I.
WP08 Logistics and process management 2 2 5 WP I.
WP09 Digital design and usability 2 2 5 WP VI
WP10 Animation technique 2 2 5 WP VI
WP11 Scripting 2 2 5 WP VI
WP12 Artistic printing process 2 2 5 WP VI
WP13 Company and work pedagogy 2 2 5 WP I.
WP14 Prepress processes 2 2 5 WP VI
WP15 Further processing 2 2 5 WP VI
WP16 Printing process engineering 2 2 5 WP VI
WP17 Packaging technology and design 2 2 5 WP V.
WP18 Quality and ecology management 4th   5 WP VIII
WP19 Online marketing 2 2 5 WP I.
WP20 Calculation media 2 2 5 WP I.
WP21 Business accounting 2 2 5 WP I.
WP22 Web design   4th 5 WP VI
WP23 Mobile media   4th 5 WP VI
WP24 Data management and integration 2 2 5 WP VI
WP25 Audiovisual technology   4th 5 WP VI
WP26 photography 2 2 5 WP VIII
WP27 Project product creation   4th 10 WP VI
WP28 Project media   4th 10 WP VI


The media industry is changing rapidly. The information offered by digital media is available alongside printed information, and the activities of print and media technicians must be expanded to include the skills of online and mobile media.

In the course of study of printing and media technology, contents of printing technology, digital media and topics of business administration and graphic design are offered.

Due to the numerous options in the course, the focus can be set freely according to the motto of the course "Design your way". Over half of all study achievements can be individually determined and thus adapted to existing interests and professional perspectives.

The graduates are very familiar with the technical and design principles of printing and media technology and have mastered the business conditions of multimedia and interactive online production processes as well as conventional production processes.

With the Bachelor's degree in Printing and Media Technology, you will find a diverse field of work in companies in the printing and supply industry and the very broad branch of the media industry, including:

  • ???? Producer in publishing houses, printing companies, media companies / agencies, advertising agencies, ????
  • Technical and economic management z. B. at print service providers and in publishing, ????
  • Communication consultant or cross-media specialist in the printing and media industry, in advertising agencies or large companies.

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