The course "Civil Engineering - Structural Engineering" is completed after four semesters of standard study time with the academic degree "Master of Science" (M.Sc.). It is aimed at those interested who have already acquired their first professional university degree in civil engineering and would like to further develop their technical and methodological skills.

Our graduates are qualified for demanding engineering positions in managerial positions in the planning, construction and execution of structures. The intensively supervised and research-oriented course gives you the opportunity to specialize in the areas of structural and industrial construction, bridge construction, civil engineering and archineering and to acquire specific specialist knowledge.




In the first semester, you will be taught comprehensive mathematical, scientific and subject-specific basics. Depending on your skills and interests, you can specialize your knowledge from the second semester. Here you select one of four thematically specified areas and complete the associated elective modules. You can choose from the following specializations:

  • Structural and industrial construction
  • Bridge building
  • Civil engineering
  • archineering

The curriculum is supplemented by additional elective modules. These allow you to choose interesting course content from the entire range of courses offered by the university, such as language courses or design seminars from the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Studies. In the fourth semester, you document your ability to work scientifically on the current state of research in an expertly supervised master's thesis. 

You can expect a well-founded training with scientific and practice-oriented teaching content. As part of the special international orientation of this course, individual subjects are offered in English. You can also complete study-related courses abroad. 

The course conveys not only technical but also social skills for personal development. In the lectures, seminars and student project groups, skills of civil society engagement are promoted:  

  • Lead and moderate from a defensive standpoint
  • Listening to and interpreting the arguments of others
  • Getting to know and accepting differences
  • Decision-making and weighing of alternatives
  • Ability to build relationships in a strange environment
  • Development of a critical, questioning approach to information gathering including philosophical, social, political and cultural concepts
  • Attention to the fundamental values ??and principles of the European Community



In order to be admitted to the master's degree in “Civil Engineering - Structural Engineering”, you must have a first academic degree in a subject related to the subject. This first academic degree can be a Bachelor, Master or a diploma that you have acquired at a university, technical college or professional academy. As a rule, the degree should be »above average«. The examination of the content requirements is carried out by the examination board of the Faculty of Civil Engineering.

The application documents are reviewed to determine whether the knowledge you have already acquired meets the subject-specific requirements of the master’s course you are aiming for. For this purpose, the examination board will examine your submitted application documents.



We know from experience: The graduates of our faculty enter the professional world quickly and successfully. The demand for well-trained civil engineers at home and abroad is still greater than the supply. Take the opportunity to prepare for a dynamic and exciting professional world in a small but internationally oriented faculty with a master’s degree. 

The focus on “structural engineering” prepares in particular for the responsible technical design planning and construction of building structures. This includes, for example, the structural design and the technical conception, the static modeling and calculation, the dimensioning and structural development of building structures as well as the planning, management and monitoring of the construction.


With the master’s degree M.Sc. »Civil Engineering - Structural Engineering« you can analyze technical problems in special fields and work on their solution in an innovative, efficient and creative way. Through the in-depth imparting of scientifically sound and interdisciplinary knowledge, skills and methods, our graduates are enabled to carry out demanding engineering activities in the planning, construction and execution of structures.

In addition, through the increased promotion of theoretical and scientific skills, the course represents a systematic preparation for later research activities. A successful, above-average completion of the master’s degree is the prerequisite for taking up a doctorate or an international Ph.D. program


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